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  • Interview with AnTonia M.F. Williams - Answers From God (2017)

    (as told to Liza Wemakor,  BTW Class 2014)



    Our Arts Intern, Liza Wemakor (BTW Class of 2014, Dartmouth College Class of 2018), interviews current BTW student AnTonia M.F. Williams, author of Answers From God (available on


    Liza: You said this is a short story you’ve written - can you describe, briefly, what this story is about, or its main themes?


    AnTonia: It’s about two sisters who have grown apart as they’ve gotten older, and through prayers and dreams God brings them back together.


    L: That’s really beautiful. The two sisters that were brought back together - what are their names, and could you describe them?


    A: Heaven and Nia. Heaven is the older sister and Nia is the youngest.


    L: Do you identify more strongly with either of the sisters?


    A: Nia - she’s the main character - well, both of them are main characters, but Nia’s the main one I thought of [when I was imagining the story].


    L: How long did it take you to write the story?


    A: Once I started writing, it took four days.


    L: And I was wondering, the illustration on the book [a vivid picture of a tree in an open field], how did you choose that?


    A: At first I had another picture, but it was dull - it wasn’t bringing out the whole meaning of the story - so I got someone to help me, and we came up with that picture.


    L: Last question - is there anything you wanted people to know about this story, or get from this story?


    A: I’m not saying you should believe in God, but if you do, if you’re a Christian, He does answer prayers, He’s always watching us, He’s always looking out for any type of question we have - even if he doesn’t answer right then, He’s always there. So we just need to wait, and wait on God.  

    Check out AnTonia’s blog at! A link to her book on is here

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  • The State Farm Youth Advisory Board awards  $50,755.00 grant to the W.K.I (Who Knows It) ppp

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  • There will be a district-wide FAFSA night, at Douglass High School (address below) Tuesday January 31st between 6-8pm. Washington families are invited to attend and bring the student social security number along with the custodial parent 2015 tax information to complete their FAFSA. Students and parents will take about 30-45 min to complete the FAFSA with the direct assistance of an APS College Adviser. Food will be provided. Please come to rm 2063 for more details.  
    Douglass High School: 225 Hamilton E Holmes Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
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  • Jessica Hill and Natasha Ellis' art submission earned them 1st Place for Atlanta Public Schools grades 9-12 Cyber Security Poster Contest.  

    The two sisters will have their posters displayed on the Information Technology Security website, and receive a chromebook for their effort!

    2 students receive chromebook computers        2 students receive computers
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Featured Excellence

  • BTW Athletics - Simply the BEST!

                    Accomplishments in Sports 2016-2017


    Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball Teams both placed 3rd in the Jackson County Post Thanksgiving Tournament in Jefferson, GA. (led by Coach Inglis Hunter, Coach Denise Wright)


    The 2016-2017 Volleyball team advanced to the state playoff quarterfinals on October 22, 2016 in Savannah, GA (led by Coach Wright, Coach Mia Thrash-Miller)


    Volleyball senior player Lauren Taylor was named the 2016 6AA Area Player of the Year and First Team Outside Hitter / All Team


    Sabree Gallishaw was selected to the First Team Middle Hitter All Team


    The 2016-2017 Softball Team made first round of state playoffs (led by Coach Hunter, Asst Coach Angela Rucker)


    The BTW Cheerleaders placed 2nd overall in Class AA at the Annual Atlanta Public School Cheerleading Competition