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GHS Foundation Overview
The Grady High School Foundation (GHSF), created in September of 1997 by a group of parents, seeks to catalyze and fund innovation at Grady High School to sustain its success.

 In Fall, 2009, the Foundation established a Writing Center across curricula for all students at Grady High School. We dreamed of a place where students come to hone their skills, to write resumes for jobs, to organize term papers, to create college essays, to express ideas through poetry, and to get assistance with any writing assignment they may have. That dream is now a reality, and for the past three years, students have been able to come to the Writing Center after school four nights a week.  Over 1000 visits to the Writing Center were recorded August - December 2011, and students have continued to reach out for writing assistance.  Students have received cash prizes for their poetry, playwriting, and short story submissions, and 5 of the 7 2012 Posse Foundation winners used the Writing Center to polish their essays.

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Mission Statement

The Grady High School Foundation (GHSF) exists to serve the students, faculty and community associated with Grady High School, with a focus on funding innovation at Grady and sustaining its success as an academic institution.  This mission encompasses:

  • Educational excellence for all Grady’s students
  • An energized and effective faculty and staff
  • A safe and inviting physical facility which enhances academic life and work at Grady
  • The mobilization of support from all of Grady’s constituents, e.g. students, faculty, parents, alumni and the community at large