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Hello Parents,
I would like to discuss the nuts and bolts of First Grade. In its own way, First Grade is more demanding than Kindergarten, as Second grade will be more demanding than First. In First Grade, emphasis is increasingly placed on concepts and processes, instead of memorization. Test questions can be quite divergent and some answers can be more than just one word or a short memorized statement. Some questions even have more than one answer! Children, in general, will adjust to these changes if we work together as a team.
Reading & Language Arts
First Grade is a building year for language. The strategies to becoming a good reader are a very important part of a First Grader's daily life. Students will learn different ways to problem solve while learning to read. They will also learn many different  parts of speech to help improve their writing. Strong sentence structure, vocabulary and writing skills such as letter-writing, descriptive and narrative prose, informational, and persuasive writing are developed. There is a focus on full-sentence responses to questions. Please encourage your child to write at home. These skills need to be realized as real life needs.
First Grade Math is also a building block year. Concepts are reinforced and the introduction of many new concepts such as time, money, measurement and graphing will be introduced. You can help your child in these areas by practicing at home...especially with telling time on a conventional clock, making change with money,and measuring. Please accent these skills at home, at the supermarket or even while watching television shows and commercials.
Social Studies
First Grade Social Studies focuses on American Heroes. There will also be a large emphasis on geography terms and map skills.
First Grade Science focuses on Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science. Topics include: Weather Patterns and Seasons; Light, Sound, and Magnets; and Characteristics of living things and Basic needs of living things.