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The Atlanta Board of Education establishes and approves the policies that govern the Atlanta Public School system. The Board consists of nine members, representing six geographical districts and three "at-large" districts. One person is elected per district to represent the schools in a given district for a four-year term.

Under the provisions of the new board charter, approved by the Georgia Legislature in 2003, Board members elect a new chair and vice-chair every two years. The day-to-day administration of the school district is the responsibility of the Superintendent, who is appointed by the Board.


Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

District 1

Benteen, D. H. Stanton

Dobbs, Hope-Hill, Mary Lin, Parkside, Slater, Thomasville Heights, Intown Academy, Wesley International Academy, Atlanta Neighborhood, KIPP Vision (K-1 & 2-5)

King, Price, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter, Wesley International Academy, Intown Academy


The New Schools at Carver, Maynard Holbrook  Jackson, Grady


 District 2

Bethune, Centennial, Dunbar, F.L. Stanton, Finch, M.A. Jones, KIPP Strive Primary, The Kindezi School

Brown, Kennedy, KIPP Strive Academy, KIPP WAYS Academy


Booker T. Washington, Frederick  Douglass, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, North Metro

District 3

Burgess-Peterson Academy, Morningside,

Springdale Park, Toomer, Whitefoord, Drew Charter

Coan, Inman, Drew Charter


Alonzo Crim, Grady, Drew Charter, Adult Literacy, South Metro

District 4

Brandon and Brandon Primary, Garden Hills

Jackson and Jackson Primary, Rivers

Smith and Smith Primary


North Atlanta

District 5

Adamsville Primary, Beecher Hills, Bolton Academy, Boyd, Connally

Fain, Grove Park Intermediate, Miles Intermediate, Peyton Forest, Scott, Towns, Usher-Collier Heights, West Manor, Woodson Primary

Westside Atlanta

B.E.S.T. Academy, Coretta Scott King Academy, Harper-Archer, Young

B.E.S.T. Academy, Benjamin E. Mays, Coretta Scott King Academy, West End

District 6

Cascade, Cleveland Avenue, Continental Colony, Deerwood Academy, Fickett, Gideons, Heritage Academy, Humphries, Hutchinson, Kimberly, Perkerson, Venetian Hills

Bunche, Long, Sylvan Hills, Latin Academy

D.M. Therrell, South Atlanta, Forrest Hills

                                                                                                           Note:  Italics indicate a non-traditional school
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