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  • CASS Fall/Winter Comparison

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 4/2/2015

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    Tattooed and running with the pack,
    Dr. Mitchell 
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  • Extended Registration Hours 4/1, 4/2 and 4/3

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 3/23/2015


    On Wednesday 4/1, Thursday 4/2 and Friday 4/3, Mary Lin will offer extended registration for those parents who were unable to make the previous registration window and for those parents who work. The hours for the dates listed above will be from 10:30-6:00. We are working to have a notary on site, but it may be best to have your affidavit statement notarized ahead of time. Here are the titles of the documents you need to bring. These documents can be found on the Atlanta Public School District's website. Thanks for your patience and I hope these extended hours are helpful. Dr. Mitchell

    1. census form

    2. notarized affidavit of residency

    3. mortgage or deed or lease/rental agreement

    4. utility bill AND two additional supporting documents with same address

    5 picture ID

     Preferably, packaged in this order.

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  • March 27 Coffee

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 3/6/2015

    Topic: Autism/Special Education Coffee Chat

    Friday, March 27th

    8:05 am

    Mary Lin Elementary 

    Media Center


    Please join us for this very important topic about autism and special education. Mary Lin is proud of our diversity of students and of our special education autism classes. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how we can support our inclusive learners. 


    Special Guests from Atlanta Public Schools:

    Tammie Workman, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services 

    Thomas McGaha, Department of Special Education Coordinator for Mary Lin

    Troy Keller, Department of Special Education Autism Coordinator

    Rose Calloway and Edith Abakare, Atlanta Public Schools Parent Mentors

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  • Glimpse into Friday's Coffee

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 2/24/2015

    Below is a table that shows a school-by-school comparison between the CAAS winter 2015 scores and CAAS winter 2014 scores. We can discuss these data in more detail on Friday. We are running with the pack! See you there! Dr. Mitchell


    Winter CAAS

    School-by-School Comparison

    Winter 2015 NCE Scores

    ()=winter 2014 scores

    Higher score compared to winter 2014

    Mary Lin






    K-67 (61)

    K-67 (61)

    K-68 (68)

    1-65 (68)

    1-67 (71)

    1-71 (73)

    2-71 (69)

    2-71 (73)

    2-75 (72)

    3-70 (70)

    3-69 (75)

    3-73 (74)

    4-74 (71)

    4-74 (74)

    4-72 (72)

    5-68 (69)

    5-71 (74)

    5-72 (72)




    Mary Lin






    K-62 (60)

    K-67 (63)

    K-66 (64)

    1-64 (70)

    1-67 (72)

    1-69 (73)

    2-73 (69)

    2-72 (76)

    2-72 (69)

    3-66 (66)

    3-72 (75)

    3-71 (74)

    4-71 (70)

    4-73 (75)

    4-72 (67)

    5-70 (64)

    5-73 (75)

    5-68 (69)




    Mary Lin






    K-65 (61)

    K-67 (62)

    K-68 (66)

    1-65 (69)

    1-67 (71)

    1-70 (73)

    2-72 (69)

    2-72 (74)

    2-73 (71)

    3-68 (68)

    3-71 (75)

    3-73 (74)

    4-72 (71)

    4-72 (74)

    4-72 (70)

    5-69 (67)

    5-72 (75)

    5-70 (71)


    NCE link

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  • iGoals/CAAS Data

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 2/20/2015

    Your child's CAAS report went home yesterday. This report shows the fall and winter CAAS scores. We will discuss these scores more on 2/27 at the coffee. Below is a PowerPoint which shows Mary Lin's CAAS gains as they relate to the Georgia Milestones. These are merely predictions. Please email me for a more detailed CAAS report. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell


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  • Car Pool Safety Update

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 1/26/2015


    We simply need to do a better job following the safety measures that are in place to keep our children safe during morning and afternoon car pool. We need everyone to follow these safety measures. No one is cool enough not to follow the rules. Here are some reminders:

    • No left turn in or out of the driveway during morning and afternoon car pool.
    • Stay in line. Cutting out of line to save a few seconds could easily cause an accident, which will mean a lot of paper work for me.
    • No walking up or down the driveway.
    • No biking up or down the driveway.
    • NEVER drop your children off at the bottom of the Candler Park (auditorium) stairs. You must park and let your children out of the car. 
    • NEVER waive for your child to walk down the auditorium stairs to meet you in your car on Candler Park Drive.
    I am not asking a lot, here. Safety must come first. Please follow the rules.
    Dr. Mitchell 
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  • 2015: Settling In

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 1/6/2015

    Happy New Year! We are off to great start to the New Year. Moving into the addition went as smoothly as expected. Sure, there are a few things that need to be done, but Team Hogan came through and got us into the new addition for the second semester. Yeah!

    I truly appreciate your patience as we work out the wrinkles with arrival and dismissal. Kudos to the third grade teachers, Ms. Baker, Mr. Marvel, Ms. Watkins, Dr. Bennet-Walker, Mr. Lambert, Ms. Matias, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Simmons and Dr. Johnson for working with the parents to move your classrooms and materials into the new addition in time to receive the students. Way to go!

    Please feel free to email me if you see anything out of sorts with the new addition or if you have any questions about the second semester.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Dr. Mitchell 


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  • Cafeteria Update

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 12/18/2014


    Cafeteria Update-Lunch will be served in the gym for the week of January 6-9. This is necessary so that the newly renovated cafeteria could be inspected by the DeKalb County Environmental Health Department. This will also allow time for the cafeteria staff to be trained on the new kitchen equipment. Hot lunch will be served at Mary Lin in the newly renovated cafeteria beginning January 12, 2015!

     Thanks, Dr. Mitchell
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  • Coffee Wrap-up

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 12/10/2014


    What a great turnout we had at this morning’s coffee! Here are a few things that we did not get to discuss:

    • We are working on a virtual comment box so that parents can send their concerns, questions and suggestions via email.
    • There will also be a physical comment box located in the lobby of the new addition.
    • Students will have the opportunity to write me letters or notes and place them in a Dear Dr. Mitchell Box (I used to read Dear Abby when I was a young pup!).
    • All third grade teachers, Ms. Baker, Mr. Marvel, Dr. Bennett-Walker, Mr. Lambert, Dr. Johnson, Mrs. Matias, Mrs. Benton, Mrs. Valkova and Mrs. Watkins will be moving into the addition. Classrooms will be ready for students on January 6.

    The date for the testing information evening in January is forthcoming.

    The next LSC meeting will be on Thursday December 18, at 8:05.  


    Mary Lin: Better Together!


    Dr. Mitchell
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  • Coffee Agenda for this Wednesday December 10

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 12/8/2014



    Please note that the coffee date has changed from this Friday to this Wednesday. Here are a few topics we will be discussing:
    • A representative from the district will be present to discuss the timeline and recruiting process for the next leader of Mary Lin.

    • We will discuss any outstanding questions about the new walkway to school beginning in January. 

    • Recess expectations for the second semester will be addressed.

    • Mary and I will present Georgia Milestones testing resources and discuss how we are getting our students ready for the new state test.
    See you there!
    Dr. Mitchell 
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