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  • 2014-2015 Attendance Guidelines

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 7/29/2014

    Mary Lin Elementary

    Attendance Guidelines


    Mary Lin Parents, 

    Attendance is a critical life skill and important to learning. We simply cannot teach your child, if your child is absent from school. Last year, we had over 16% of our students miss ten or more days of school. The percentage of students missing ten or more days of school simply needs to decrease.

    Please understand that I am not asking to send your child to school sick. I am asking you to schedule family vacations during scheduled vacation days that the district has designated. Please do not schedule vacations during school. These absences will count as being unexcused.

    Being on time for school is also an important life skill and important to learning. Beginning the second week of school, students must report to the main office if they are in the hallways when the 8:00 bell rings. We need all students in their classrooms when the 8:00 bell rings. Please adjust your morning schedules accordingly, as parking will be difficult and some students will have to walk to the portables. Remember, in order not to be tardy, students must be in their classrooms when the 8:00 bell rings.

    Thanks for helping us improve our attendance! Dr. Mitchell
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  • Changes for the 2014-2015 Year

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 7/24/2014

    July 24, 2014


    Important Notes about Changes



    Due to construction, the following changes will be taking place:

    ·       In mid-October, the third grade wing and front office will be moving into the addition. The front of the building will no longer be accessible. Traffic patterns will form from the back of the building.

    ·       We are in the process of acquiring two additional single portables. These portables will be placed on our back field.

    ·       Due to the acquisition of two new single portables, the small area designated for Physical Education (PE) will no longer be accessible beginning the first day of school.

    ·       More than likely, PE will take place in the classrooms or the front traffic circle until mid-October.

    ·       In mid-October, we will gain back the auditorium and the full use of the gym.

    ·       In mid-December, the gym will close for construction and PE will more than likely take place in the classrooms or the auditorium.

    ·       In mid-October, students will eat breakfast and lunch in the renovated cafeteria.

    ·       In mid-October, the habitat (the recess area) will close due to construction. Recess will more than likely take place in the classrooms or Freedom Park.


    Please remember that safety is first and foremost for our students. I truly appreciate your flexibility during the construction. I also welcome any ideas to help mitigate the impact construction will have on PE and recess.

    Thank you,

     Dr. Mitchell


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  • Ashley

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 6/18/2014

    The purpose of this communication is to inform you that Ashley will be transferring to Springdale Park Elementary effective next school year. This move is being made to provide Ashley with a well-rounded leadership experience.


    Ashley has always been a team player and has rolled-up her sleeves for the past six years to make Mary Lin a better school. The things that Ashley has done will continue in her absence at Mary Lin. Some of those things include a comprehensive, school-wide RTI program, a clean, crisp testing environment, fostering relationships with teachers, students and parents and a solid SST process.


    Mary Benton, former assistant principal at Mary Lin and current assistant principal at Inman Middle School, will be filling Ashley’s position. As much of a loss it is to lose Ashley, we know that you will welcome Mary back to Mary Lin.


    Please enjoy the rest of your summer.



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  • Mary Lin's Open House

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 6/10/2014

    Greetings! Mark your calendars. Mary Lin's Open House will be on August 1, 2014 from 5:00-7:00. This is a great opportunity to meet your child's teacher prior to the first day of school, which will be on August 4. Enjoy your summer!
    Dr. Mitchell 

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  • Revised Mission and Vision Statements

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 5/28/2014

    Greetings! Below are the revised mission and vision statements for the 2014-2015 year. I want to thank all of the stakeholders who participated in this activitity. That really meant a lot! In order for these statements to take root, we all must be willing to embrace the concepts embedded in each of the statements. The teachers will be prepared to review these statements with the students frequently, too. Thanks! Dr. Mitchell


    Mary Lin Elementary



    We provide a learning environment that inspires the best academic achievement for each student. We establish a creative, collaborative and respectful culture where each student’s social, emotional and physical well-being is valued.



    Our vision is to have our students embrace curiosity, compassion and the desire to achieve academic excellence.

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  • End of the Year Documents

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 5/21/2014

    Greetings! As we end the year, I want to thank you for all of your support! Mary Lin would not be the school that it is today without the strong home/school connection that we have established over the years!

    Here is some information about what your child will be bringing home over the next few days.

    ·       Report cards will go home on Friday with all students.

    ·       All 3rd-5th grade students will be receiving their CRCT scores today through Friday.

    ·       All 5th grade students will be bringing home their recent math CAAS scores today through Friday.

    ·       All 3rd and 5th grade students will be bringing home their writing scores today through Friday.

    ·       All K-2nd grade students will be bringing home their CAAS scores today through Friday.

    ·       Students who were tested for the Gifted Program will be bringing their eligibility reports home today.

    **5th  grade parents, please note that you must contact Inman Middle School to determine which math program your child will be placed in next year. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell


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  • Two Additional Teachers

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 5/20/2014

    Greetings! After further reflection, the administration has decided to accept the two additional teaching positions. Details will be forthcoming about how we will effectively utilize these resources. Thanks! Dr. Mitchell

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  • Personnel Update

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 5/17/2014

    Greetings! Carey Rogers, Special Education Lead Teacher and Pablo Aspe, Spanish teacher, will not be returning to Mary Lin next year. Mary Lin has hired an additional fifth grade teacher and an additional Early Intervention Teacher (EIP). We also hired a Spanish teacher. Mary Lin was also provided the opportunity to hire two additional teachers, but declined the two positions.

    On the surface, being offered two additional positions sounds wonderful. In our case, we do not have the space for the two additional classes. The two additional teachers could not be used as grade level teachers due to lack of space. Our class sizes are already considered low. Next year, we should not have a class size higher than 22-23 students. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell

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  • CRCT Growth Data, 2013-2014

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 5/16/2014

    Greetings! Click here to view our 2013-2014 CRCT data. You will also see a comparison to last year's data. We took a dip in third grade, but made some nice gains in fourth and fifth grades. This is especially nice since we moved to self-contained in fourth and fifth grades this year. Thanks! Dr. Mitchell

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  • Coffee Summary/Survey Link

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 5/9/2014

    Greetings! We had a healthy discussion about activities that could be added to Mary Lin to enrich the students' lives before, during and after school.

    If you were unable to attend this coffee you may still share your brainstorming ideas through our online survey. You may want to type your responses to these two survey questions in advance and then cut-and-paste them into the online survey.  The two questions are:


    ·       When thinking about your time at our school, what specific events, programs, and opportunities are important for our children to experience?

    ·       When thinking about your time at our school, what specific events, programs, and opportunities should we stop offering to our children?


    The link will be active from 8:05am on May 9 to 8:05am on May 14. Here is the survey link:


    We will have a list of all of the activities from the survey and today's coffee available for review on Friday, May 16, which will be the next coffee. Thanks! Dr. Mitchell
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