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Students in the science labOur students are immersed in a truly integrated curriculum, which utilizes the Concept-Based Unit (CBU) design.  CBUs provide an opportunity for authentic subject integration of curriculum and a development of a genuine understanding of topics.   While the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) outline the grade-specific concept or standards to be covered for the academic year, our talented educators work collaboratively to develop CBUs that are project-focused, hands-on/minds-on , rigorous learning experiences that require students to understand concepts at a deeper level and employ problem solving and critical thinking skills.


It is fair to say that at Centennial Place, the work of our phenomenal instructional staff is centered on creatively designing fun, engaging and rigorous units which meet the students’ needs and provide differentiated exposure to ensure that each child is meeting or exceeding his or her academic potential.


Science, Technology and Mathematics Theme School

Centennial Place Elementary (CPE) is the only science, technology and mathematics theme school in the Atlanta Public School System.  Each day, students are exposed to science experiences in the classroom as well as in our fully equipped science laboratory.   Our teachers and students utilize a variety of operating systems/interfaces to develop technology-rich lessons requiring conceptual understanding and application of core content.  Our mathematics instruction utilizes the Marilyn Burns implementation method which provides practical and proven strategies and tools to create true standards-based mathematics instruction.  As we continue to refine our cutting edge instructional program, we are aggressively pursuing Centennial Place’s designation as a STEM elementary school (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics); this distinction is only awarded to schools which recognize the importance of developing innovative, inventive problem solvers of the 21st century. 

Balanced Literacy

Centennial Place utilizes the balanced literacy approach to incorporate intensive reading instruction in the five components of reading: phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  CPE is amongst the six elementary schools in our district to offer SMART (Systematic Multisensory Approach to Reading Training) Program during its balanced literacy block and the only school with SMART-certified teachers.  This FUN, structured, research-based and hands-on teaching approach allows our teachers the opportunity to weave phonics instruction, multi-sensory learning, and the use of literature to develop early reading skills.  The SMART program embeds pre-literacy and literacy skills within an engaging storyline to make learning memorable and enjoyable for young readers.  Our teachers promote literature into the instructional program on a daily basis by combining opportunities for students to read and write with direct emphasis on literacy skills and strategies.

Specials Classes (Art, Music, PE, Technology Lab and Science Lab)

Centennial Place believes that all students should receive a broad range of experiences that encourage them to develop their talents and interests beyond the classroom curriculum.  As a result, we provide comprehensive instruction in art, music, physical education, technology, and science laboratory for all students.  Through our unique partnerships with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Georgia State University – School of Music, The Georgia Tech Institute of Technology – Institute Partnerships, The Georgia Institute of Technology Foundation, Inc.  - Arts Education Program, and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, our students are afforded an opportunity to receive one-of-a-kind programming tailored to nurture creativity and enhance their desire for learning.

Foreign Language Program

CPE is one of a handful of Atlanta Public Schools to offer a premiere foreign language L-2 program to students in grades 1-5.  Students are exposed to daily instructional learning opportunities in Spanish that have a direct connection to core content standards.   Our foreign language instructors provide 95-98% of all instructional discourse in the target language, Spanish.


Here are the top ten reasons why Centennial Place Elementary (CPE) should be where your child’s strong academic foundation begins:

1.       Rigorous Educational Program

We offer all students the opportunity to have a challenging curriculum which integrates science, technology and mathematics.  We believe in developing the whole child and have high expectations for every student with instructional support to help all students reach their potential.


2.       Science, Technology and Mathematics Theme School

CPE is the only elementary school in Atlanta Public Schools to be a Science, Technology and Mathematics theme school.  Students are immersed in science, technology and mathematics curricula that provide an intentional and purposeful connection to the Georgia Performance Standards. 


3.       Exceptional and Nurturing Faculty

Our extremely professional, dedicated and caring staff members are not only experts in their field, but are also fantastic teachers who are in the business of mentoring and educating tomorrow’s leaders.  100% of our classrooms are led by teams of highly trained and qualified professionals.  The vast majority of our teachers and staff has attained at least a master’s degree or higher, as well as endorsements in Reading, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and Gifted education.  CPE also serves as an extended classroom for Georgia State University student teachers.  This experience provides these future educators an opportunity to develop their skills and practices under the tutelage of our world-class staff. 


4.       Committed School Partnerships

Centennial Place enjoys partnerships and collaborations with a combination of 26 local businesses, universities, and organizations. These partnerships afford our students many opportunities, such as tutoring, mentoring, and in-kind financial support which provide immeasurable instructional resources.  Our partnerships are critical components of our school and dramatically enhance our instructional programs.   


5.       Diverse Learning Communities

We offer a student-centered learning environment that supports students from varying economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We provide opportunities for students to collaborate in all facets of their educational and social development.        


6.       Incredible Facilities

Our students are able to learn in a state-of-the-art facility that is fully equipped with a MAC technology lab and science lab.  All classrooms, including the art room, and media center are outfitted with a Promethean Board and between 6 –9 desktop computers. 


7.       Thriving Arts Education Program

CPE is the only elementary school in the state to participate in a specifically designed arts education program.  The Arts Education Program funded by The Georgia Institute of Technology Foundation, Inc.  allows our students to be exposed to acclaimed artists performing at the Georgia Tech Robert Ferst Center and to participate in workshops led by world renowned artists.  Additionally, throughout the school day, students participate in Suzuki Strings, orchestra, band, and Orff ensembles that are taught by a dynamic team of music professionals.


8.       Extra-curricular activities

Our students have the choice  to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs  such as Art Club, Fitness Club, Reading Club, Math Club, Science Club, Technology Club, Student Government Association, Junior National Beta Club, Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts…just to name a few.


9.       Safe Environment

Our students are able to learn in a nurturing environment that allows all students to feel comfortable and safe to discover and grow.  


10.   Global  Foreign Language Program

Centennial Place is one of a handful of Atlanta Public Schools to offer a premiere foreign language L-2 program to students in grades 1-5.  Our foreign language instructors expose our students to innovative lessons while maintaining 95-98% of instructional discourse in the target language, Spanish.