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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

In addition to developing business partnerships, Atlanta Public Schools values the active engagement of school neighborhoods and communities. Part of the district's community outreach efforts include providing opportunities for families and the community to offer valuable input into the overall learning experiences of our students. Atlanta Public Schools officials would also welcome an invitation to attend your upcoming community meetings to share pertinent information on district goals and initiatives and news about your neighborhood schools.
Apply today to become a part of our Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Budget & Finance, Special Education, and SPLOST.  These advisory committees are essential to the growth and success of Atlanta Public Schools. 
  • Budget & Finance Advisory Committee - reviews the parameters that guide budget development, including revenue assumptions, fund balance targets, and expenditure goals; identifies process and presentation recommendations that provide transparency in linking goals, outcomes and district spending plans; and develops monitoring procedures that hold the district accountable for executing the budget plan.


  • Special Education Advisory Committee - educates, advises and guides APS stakeholders on matters related to special education in order to maximize educational experiences/outcomes of students with special needs.


  • SPLOST Oversight Committee - ensures that SPLOST projects remain faithful to the voter-approved E-SPLOST referendum, and those projects are completed on time, with quality and within budget.  The committee will provide recommendations to the superintendent regarding corrective actions for the overall 2012-2017 SPLOST IV program.  Committee members will focus on: overall economics and budget status; the scope, schedule quality and economics of individual projects; construction management practices; stakeholder satisfaction; proposed substantive changes; environmental stewardship, achievements and concerns; safety and issues of risk.  Individuals interested in serving on the SPLOST Oversight Committee should have experience in construction, law, accounting, real estate, engineering, planning, auditing, finance or project management. 

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, or if you are aware of a potential nominee from your school community, please let your Associate Superintendent know! Nominations will be accepted through September.
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