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Communications and Journalism Pathways

The Communications and Journalism Pathways



The Communications and Journalism Pathways continue Grady’s tradition of outstanding print and broadcast journalism and graphic design.  Students in these pathways can look forward to a challenging, engaging, and dynamic school year.  The instructional team is designing engaging lessons and projects and experts who work in the various fields of mass media will visit Grady to share their knowledge and experience with students. Additionally, students will have opportunities to visit the many media companies in Atlanta.
This year the pathway instructors are Riki Bolster (print journalism--newspaper), Trisha Kendall (graphic design), Christal Presley (print journalism--yearbook), Nalin Needham (print journalism—literary magazine), Paul Nicolson (graphic production and yearbook), Thaddeus Roberts (Audio-Video Technology and Film), and Dave Winter (print journalism—magazine and newspaper). Students take their core classes, foreign languages, and electives (including music, art, JROTC, and PE) with students from all other pathways.
If you have questions regarding the Communications and Journalism Pathways, please contact:
Carrie MacBrien at or 404-802-3015 or
Shaketha Blankenship, school counselor, at or 404-802-3052