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Law and Investigations Pathways

Law and Investigations Pathways 


With the State reorganization of the Career Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) pathways, the Law CTAE pathway at Grady has added an additional pathway.  Both law pathways begin with “Introduction to the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security”.  After students complete the two semester course, they may choose one of two following law pathways:  “Application of the Law” or “Criminal Investigations”. 


 Students who choose the “Application of the Law” pathway will take “Essentials of Legal Services”.  Upon completion, they will then take “Applications of the Law”.  Students who choose the “Criminal Investigations” pathway will take “Criminal Justice Essentials”.  Upon completion, they will then take “Criminal Investigations”.
Each of the CTAE law pathway courses are two semesters in length and pathway completion involves taking all three required pathway courses to take the end of pathway assessment for a high school diploma with a CTAE endorsement.  Upon completion of the courses, students will also receive their CTAE graduation cord (blue and organge) to wear with their graduation robes. Judge Bowden is currently assigned to teach and advise for the “Application of the Law” pathway.   Attorney Barbour is currently assigned to teach and advise for the” Criminal Investigations” pathway. 


The instructors of the Law pathway courses have law degrees and have practiced as lawyersJudge Bowden is a(n) Inman and Grady parent, who lives within the community.  He is a law graduate of Howard University and a seated judge on call for the East Point Municipal Court.   Judge Bowden is actively involved in the Atlanta law community and with connections to attract legal opportunities, such as internships and community service hours for his students.
The other instructor,  Attorney Barbour, is a graduate of Atlanta Public Schools.  Her undergraduate work is at the University of Georgia and is a law graduate from North Carolina Central University.  She has worked as an attorney in New York City, as well as an interventionist at North Atlanta High School before coming to Grady.
If you would like additional information about the law instructors, you may contact them at the following APS e-mail addresses:
Attorney Barbour - 

For more information on the CTAE program designed by the State of Georgia, please visit the link:  



*      Please note the Student Plan of Study; we begin our CTAE Law pathway "Introduction to the Law.."  in grade 9, not 10. This allows pathway completion at grade 11.  Thus, students have a greater opportunity for additional  Advance Placement and Dual Enrollment electives their senior year.  To consult with an expert Henry Grady counselor, please contact Mrs. Shelia Oliver: