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Business and Entrepreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship Academy
Henry W. Grady High School’s Business and Entrepreneurship (B&E) Program offers three pathways: 1) Small Business Development 2) Sports & Entertainment Marketing and 3) Fashion Marketing.  Each pathway affords students opportunities to explore their personal interests as well as bolsters students’ present and future academic success.  B&E students will delve into many rigorous, relevant and rewarding facets of study.  The B&E Academy utilizes an interdisciplinary model to ensure that students experience a natural coalescing of their core and elective courses along with “real-world” experiences.  Our students will be afforded opportunities to work with mentors, interact with guest speakers and go on fieldtrips to see “businesses behind-the-scenes.” These enriching activities are designed to motivate them and better shape their understanding of the business and entrepreneurship world.   In addition, B&E Academy scholars will have myriad opportunities to use their newfound knowledge to work with orchestrating and implementing school and community events. 


The Georgia Pacific Company has partnered with the academy in developing and maintaining the Entrepreneurship course curriculum whereby students are given the opportunity to learn and apply corporate business models. In addition, the Maynard Jackson Financial and Scholastic Training Program (FAST Track) has regularly recruited students to participate in the 9 month program to learn entrepreneurship concepts, financial literacy, real estate, stocks and bonds, as well as other current business related topics.

 Lamar Young is the guidance counselor for students in the B&E Academy and can be reached at  or 404-802-3019.  Willie Vincent is the B&E Academy Leader and can be reached at 404-802-3007.