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Grady High School - Department of Athletics
Winter Weekly Schedule For November 28th - December 3rd 
Date Day Teams Home/Host Team Start  Time Location
29-Nov Tuesday Grady @ Decatur- Boys play first* Decatur 5:30pm/7:00pm Decatur
2-Dec Friday Banneker @ Grady Grady 5:30pm/7:00pm Grady
3-Dec Saturday Whitefield Academy @ Grady Grady 2:30pm/4:00pm Grady
Date Day Teams Home/Host Team Start  Time Location
30-Nov Wednesday Grady @ Banneker Banneker 5:30pm/7:00pm Banneker
3-Dec Saturday Carver @ Grady Grady 10:00am/11:30am Grady
Date Day Teams Home/Host Team Start  Time Location
30-Nov Wednesday Grady @ Washington Park APS 4:30 (warm-up) Adamsville Recreation
Date Day Teams Home/Host Team Start  Time Location
3-Dec Saturday Grady @ North Atlanta Warrior Classic North Atlanta 7:00am North Atlanta

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Fall Sports


Cross country – Boys and Girls

Football – Varsity and JV

Softball – Girls Varsity Level 1

Volleyball –Girls Varsity Level 1

Winter Sports

Basketball – Boys and Girls Varsity and JV


Debate – Novice, JV and Varsity

Riflery – Co-ed


Spring Sports

Baseball – Varsity and JV 

 Golf – Boys and Girls

Soccer – Boys and Girls Varsity and JV

Tennis – Boys and Girls

Track – Boys and Girls Varsity and JV

Lacrosse- Boys and Girls

Club Sports

Water Polo- Boys and Girls

Ultimate Frisbee- Boys and Girls 

Athlete Certification

Required Paperwork:

APS Physical Form 

(remember to include insurance card) 

 Due prior to Tryouts

Submit to Grady Athletic Director, Ms. Johnson-Jelks

Student athletes cannot try out, practice or play in games unless certified by GHSA through the Grady Athletic Director

WellStreet Urgent Care is offering Sports Physicals.  All student-athletes who plan on participating in school-sponsored sports next year must turn in a sports physical form. Students planning to participate in summer camps, music camps, and other activities also may need a physical exam.  To get a Camp Physical/Sports Physical for $50 at your local WellStreet schedule a day and time to come in and see their doctor.

Athletics Overview

Henry W. Grady High School offers three seasons of sports for registered students. Many of the sports have both varsity and junior varsity levels of play, enabling students to learn a new sport and improve their playing ability. Some sports, due to limited team size, hold tryouts for available positions. Grady competes in region 6AAAA of the Georgia High School Association.

Academic Requirements

Any sophomore, junior or senior student wishing to participate in sports must be passing five classes (70 or better) the semester immediately preceding participation. Students entering the ninth grade for the first time must be regularly promoted to be eligible to play sports in the fall semester.

All students must meet Georgia High School Athletic Association requirements. Grady High School prides itself on the strong academic achievement of its student athletes.

Other Requirements

 To participate in sports at Grady, students must complete and turn in:

1. Examination and Permit card (Parents' consent form) - This form must be completed for each sport played.

2. Medical form - A doctor's examination is required. The form is good for one year and covers all sports.

3. Insurance verification.

See Grady's athletic director, Myss Johnson-Jelks, or the team's coach to verify personal insurance coverage or select APS coverage.
Letter Jacket Update
Guidelines for earning a letter and the opportunity to order a letter jacket are as follows:
A letter is awarded after 2 years of participation in a particular sport, of which one must be varsity competition. This level of participation begins in the 9th grade and runs from grades 9-12.
If participation is in the 9th and l0th grade year, a letter will be awarded at the conclusion of the 10th grade sports season.

For participation beginning the 2nd year of high school, a letter will be awarded at the end of the student's third year sport’s season in high school to be presented at the appropriate school’s sports banquet or awards night.

For participation in a sport beginning in the third year, a letter will be awarded after qualifying during the sport's season of the fourth year, which is the second year of participation in that sport. The letter would be presented at the appropriate school’s sports awards night.

A senior who comes out for a sport, and stays the entire year, and remains loyal and faithful in his/her practice and program attendance, may earn a letter. That decision will be made through the Head Coach of the sport and the building level Athletic Director

If a student participates in a sport for one season and does not continue the next season, but re- enters a following year, the letter will be awarded after the completion of the qualifying time necessary for lettering for that sport's season. EXAMPLE: A student participates in a sport as a freshman, does not go out as a sophomore, re-enters that same sport as a junior and plays varsity, the letter will be awarded at the end of that particular sports season, after having met lettering qualifications.

The Head Coach will determine what he/she considers varsity competition and participation. It is also the responsibility of the head coach of each sport to compile and present the list of letterman's candidates to the Athletic Director at the corresponding times reflected by the above lettering policy. For example, the Head Boys Soccer coach will present names to the Athletic Director of all boys’ soccer team members who have completed two years at the conclusion of their 2nd year within the sport, one of which must meet the criteria of varsity competition.
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