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Counseling Department


Henry W. Grady High School Professional Counseling Team

Counselor Student Ratio: 1: 400 (Approx.)


Lamar Young: Business and Entrepreneurship

Room C205




Shaketha Blankenship:
Communications and Journalism
Room C201



Sheila Smith Oliver: Law and Leadership 
Room C203


Nicole Hines: Biomedical Science and Engineering
Room C202


Charmaine Gray
Graduation Coach
Room C213

Counseling at Grady

The main aspects of our school counseling program include: individual student planning/counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance, parent consultations and teacher consultations. We will be visiting all classrooms this year to conduct classroom guidance on a variety of topics from stress management to graduation requirements.
Parents, please encourage your student to see us about individual and group counseling opportunities. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or concerns regarding your student's success at Grady High School.
Community Service for all seniors is due November 22, 2013
  • Mid-semester Progress Report Cards will be issued to show student progress at the end of the first nine weeks of each semester. Deficiency Notices will be issued by the subject area teacher periodically when the student's grade is below a C.
  • Student Support Team (SST) Mission: To analyze student problems, develop and implement appropriate intervention services to assist students.
  • Semester Report Cards will be issued at the end of each semester showing grades, credits earned, conduct, and attendance for each course.
  • Transcripts will be issued at the end of each semester to provide a summary of student progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements.
Grading System: students will receive both numerical and letter grades on the report transcripts. The APS grading system is as follows:


Mission Statement


Guidance and counseling are vital and integral components of the educational program of Henry W. Grady High School that support the personal, social, and educational career development of all students.  The guidance and counseling department believes that it is the function of our school to provide our students with opportunities and challenges that allow them to function effectively in a changing society.  Therefore, we have designed a curriculum consistent with the needs of all students regardless of their academic ability, ethnic background, and socio-economic status or future goals.  The program will assist students in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices.  The guidance and counseling program will develop students’ competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.