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Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC)
                      Drill Team         Atlanta Public Schools established its first JROTC unit in 1918 at Fulton High School, and in 1971 all Atlanta high schools offered JROTC. The program of instruction contains 180 class hours per year and is offered in each of the four years of high school. JROTC is an approved elective course of study for college-bound students and is also an approved vocational course of study.Enrollment in the program is voluntary.
Schedule of Events
Sep 14 Congressman John Lewis academy forum
Oct 1 Saber Day
Oct 1 Brigade Commander & Staff Board
Oct 5 100 Black men parade
Oct 12 Area 6 Raider meet (Spalding High)
Nov 9 Veteran's Day Parade
Nov 3 Empty Stocking Fund Drive
Nov 13-18 U.S. Army Annual Inspections
Dec 19 APS JROTC Day at Sant's Villiage
Jan 15-19 Superior Boards
Jan 23 DAI Cadet Board
Mar 8 area 6 Drill competition(Grady)
Mar 22 Georgia state Drill Competition (Griffin) 
April 1- 30 Battalion (JROTC) Awards Ceremonies
May 1 Brigade (JROTC) Awards Ceremony
Jun 9-13 JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge
Brigade Command Sergeant Major
The Saber Rattle
Saber Day As the Knights Battalion prepare for the annual Saber Say Ceremony on October 1, 2013, they hold their heads very high. Saber Day is an annual tradition held for transitioning third and fourth year cadets to receive their commissions and become officers. The cadet officers take their oath of office and are sworn in to with the reception of their saber, presented by a loved one of their choice. This year, the Knights Battalion commissioned a total of 23 new cadet officers.
Aside from commissioning the incoming cadet officers, Saber Day is also a graded event for the Knights Battalion. This year Colonel Rooker, APS Director of Army Instruction, and his staff will attend the ceremony and grade the execution of the ceremony based on accuracy, precision, and military bearing. Last year, the Knights Battalion earned a 1st place rating on the Saber Day ceremony. This year, we plan on doing an excellent job 

Congressman Lewis Service Academy Forum

As cadets weigh their options of the future, attending one of our nation’s military academies is definitely an option. In order to attend a military academy, students must receive a nomination. One possible nomination source is from a member of congress. GA-05 Congressional Representative John Lewis is exactly one of those members. As he holds his annual Service Academy Forum, cadets had the opportunity to meet with the congressman, as well as receive vital, first hand information about admissions, the student life, and the military from admissions officers and students at the various academies.

      Decatur Drill and Color Guard Competition
       100 Black Men Parade     
Mid-First semester and it’s the time again. The Grady High School Knight Battalion Drill Team is preparing for its first competition. The championship drill team and color guard have a tradition of doing well at completion. Last year at the Area 6 competition they qualified a host of teams to the State Competition including, the Male Armed Platoon, Female Armed Squad, Male Armed Squad, Male Unarmed Squad, Female Unarmed Platoon, Female Unarmed squad, and the female color guard. We look forward to receiving cadet and parent support. Come out and support the Grady Grey Knight Drill Team and Color Guard.
Annual Federal Inspection
inspectionThe Annual Federal Inspection is coming. Every year, the United States Army comes down and inspects every JROTC unit from top to bottom. This usually happens in December, but is now scheduled for the first week in November, November 21st for the Knight Battalion. Never before having to be prepared this early, it will be a challenge for all but we know our Knights will emerge victorious as always. At the conclusion of the inspection, the Army will tally the scores and publish a ranking of either: Merit Unit, Honor Unit, or Honor Unit with Distinction. In order to maintain their rating of Honor Unit with Distinction, the Knight Battalion must score a 96% rating on the inspection.
Raider Season
Raider team The Raider team for JROTC is an elite group of physically and mentally fit cadets, who take on challenging obstacles at competitions. These fine tuned cadets will participate in events such as: the Obstacle Course, the Cross Country Rescue (CCR), the Mountain Rescue, the PT Test, and Team Run. All of the events these Raiders participate in challenge their decision making skills and push them to their physical and mental limits. Grady High’s Raider team is a male mixed team, meaning that there are females and males who participate in training and competition. The urban environment and lack of obstacles to train with doesn’t stop the elite group of cadets who show up to competition prepared and have the trophies to prove it . The Raider Team improves every year with the instruction of LTC Johnson, who supervises and conducts the practices which run at a minimum of three times a week (lasting for at least an hour and a half).

Empty Stocking Fund

Empty Stocking Fund  An annual service learning project the Knight Battalion does in the Empty Stocking Fund. This year is no different. Cadets will engage in efforts to collect money that will benefit needy families during the holiday season on November the 2nd. This year is different from the past. In the past, cadets took to the streets, going door to door. This year, the Kroger Corporation has been generous to allow cadets to collect donations from customers in their stores. Also a first this year, the Knight Battalion received electronic publicity for their Empty Stocking Fund efforts. 
 If you would like to donate to the cause please visit:
 Thank you for all of your support.
Junior Achievement
 Junior achievement is a service learning project that involves the Knight Battalion and John Hope Elementary school. Each year students from the Knights Battalion put on their uniforms and are sent teach Elementary students about various things within their community from ways to help their families around at home to map reading.  Once at the elementary school, John Hope, they are split into groups of 2-4 cadets and are sent to classes in each grade level. They spend nearly the This project helps to expand and promote the mission of JROTC, which is to motivate young people to be better citizens, and allow the cadets that participate to practice the key to success, teamwork.
As always, if you have questions, please contact us at (404) 802-3053. We also have a growing JROTC Parent Booster Club, and need all parents to try and get involved in supporting your cadet’s program. Please contact either LTCat the above number or at
 Saber day.