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Grady Math Department

Grady Math Boosters Club - a Math Advocacy Parents Group


We are a group of committed parents and community members committed to providing the necessary support to our teachers and our school to be able to deliver math effectively.


What kind of support is needed?

·         Volunteering for afternoon tutorials

·         Tutoring and Saturday school support

·         Providing website or bulletin board for students and parents to find resources

·         Advocacy at the district level

·         Facilitation of math programs within our school  – ie math competitions, peer-led tutorials, etc

·         Facilitation of math lab at Grady

·         Fundraising to support math activities

·         Communications Liaison to keep our community informed about what’s going on with math 

·         Volunteer Coordinator

Each of your Grady students is in a math class and we need your help!

Please email  Nancy with your interest and availability.