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Program for Exceptional Children

Program for Exceptional Children
The Atlanta Public Schools Program for Exceptional Children offers a continuum of services for students 3-21 years of age. Programs include services for students with intellectual disabilities; emotional and behavioral disorders; specific learning impediments;visual, hearing, speech and language impairments; autism; traumatic brain injury; and significant developmental delays. Services provided to students include:
Hospital/homebound instruction
Educational evaluation
Psychological evaluation
Physical and occupational therapy
Adapted physical education
Health services
Related vocational instruction
Audiological services
Assistive technology
PEC Study Skills
PEC Physical Science
PEC Biology
PEC World Geography
PEC Mathematics
PEC World History
PEC 9th Grade Literature
PEC 10th Grade Literature
PEC World Geography
PEC Citizenship.
Betty Foster, chair
Monica Langley, Betty Foster, Ellen Green, Jacob Hackett, Miz Holmes-Ferguson, Ricardo Moore, Tyward Perkins, Diana Porter, Michael Sullivan, Mecca Handy