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Click here to download the official letter to parent concerning student insurance.
Click here to download the K&K insurance enrollment form.
Click here to download the K&K accident claim form.
How does a parent enroll their child in the accident insurance plan? Simple:
1. Review the Enrollment Instruction Form (School Year 2012-2013) that can be accessed in school office or online, .
2. Select the ($25.00) School Time Plan low option, ($33.00) School Time Plan high option or any other plan of your choice.
3. Complete the Enrollment Form (School Year 2012-2013) or the online application. The online option permits payment by credit/debit card.
4. Otherwise, make your check/money order payable to Nationwide Life Insurance Company
5. Mail your Enrollment/Application with check/money order to:
K & K Insurance Group
P.O. Box 2338
Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2338
Remember to respond within 30 days of the start of school and your child is covered effective the first day of school!
Questions? Contact: Marcellus T. Jones, Risk Management Specialist, 404-802-2326 or