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Gifted and Talented

Welcome Back! 

Gifted & Talented Students and Their Parents:

Welcome back to a new year at Henry W. Grady High School.  You are among the over 400 students at Grady who have been previously identified as Gifted & Talented.  We are excited to have such a large group of bright, motivated young people among our student body.  This school year, the Gifted & Talented program at Grady will be overseen by Mr. Andrew Nichols and a team of nine gifted-certified teachers.  We will collaborate with your teachers to ensure that you are challenged in ways that are appropriate to your abilities.

In elementary or middle school, you might have been in a “challenge” pull-out program where you received special instruction in an alternative setting while other students remained in class.  In high school, we meet your needs for academic curiosity and autonomy, increased rigor, advanced content, and faster paced instruction through your Honors and AP courses.   Teachers of Honors and AP courses are required to differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of the Gifted & Talented students on their rosters.  Our team of gifted teachers will work with your teachers to ensure the quality and appropriateness of differentiation for Gifted & Talented students.

New this school year, Grady will offer two courses specially designed to meet the needs of Gifted & Talented students.  Gifted Resource Seminar for 9th and 10th grade students focuses on research and communication skills while offering the student the opportunity to investigate topics of their choice that they would not usually study in high school.  Gifted Mentorship/Internship for 11th and 12th grade students provides an opportunity to leave campus and experience and internship in a professional setting.  If you are interested in either of these courses, please contact your counselor.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, Gifted & Talented students also have the opportunity to stretch themselves intellectually through projects and extracurricular activities.  Gifted & Talented students are strongly encouraged to complete an Academic Fair project in Math, Science, Social Studies, or Technology.  We will work with your teachers to support your efforts and pair as many students as possible with adult mentors from industry or academia. 

            At Grady we have a variety of academic extracurricular activities that serve all students and are well suited for Gifted & Talented students.  These programs include

·         Art Throw Down

·         Beta Club

·         Book Club

·         DECA

·         Earth Club

·         Educational Enhancement Club

·         Eunique Images

·         FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

·         G3 Robotics Team

·         GNN (Grady News Network) video production

·         HOSA: Future Healthcare Professionals

·         Jesters Speech & Debate Team

·         Latin Certamen Team

·         Law Club

·         Mock Trial Team

·         Model UN

·         Moot Court Team

·         Orator yearbook

·         Skills USA

·         Southerner & Nexus print publications

·         Thespians

·         TSA (Technology Student Association)

·         Unmasking literary magazine

If you are looking for guidance finding a challenging extracurricular activity, please reach out to Mr. Nichols.  Additional information about some of these clubs can be found below.

Mr. Nichols will be available at the PTSA Open House on Tuesday, September 9th, to answer any questions that you might have about the Gifted & Talented Program at Grady High School.  You may also see the answers to Gifted and Talented Education in High School Frequently Asked Questions on our website (link below).  For more immediate concerns, please feel free to email us any time.

If your child is not currently identified as Gifted & Talented, and you would like them to be tested this school year, the parent referral period is August 4 – October 3, 2014.  Please see the Screening and Referral Frequently Asked Questions on our website.


Andrew Nichols

Office #E109



Academic Clubs & Activities

 Academic Decathlon – There are lots of wonderful academic competitions out there.  You can go prove you’re the best writer, or the best physicist, or the best speller. Academic Decathlon® isn’t about any of that, though. It’s not about demonstrating how good a student you already are. It’s about daring to push your limits, to master college-level material and to practice skills, like public speaking, that might be wholly new to you. It’s about the people you’ll meet along the way—the coaches who will mentor you, the competitors who will challenge you, and the teammates who will become your lifelong friends.  For more information see Ms. Mathews.

Beta Club – the National Beta Club is the nation's largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization. We are committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, rewarding and nurturing worthy character, fostering leadership skills and encouraging service to others.  Our mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. We will hold our interest meeting on Friday, August 22, at 4:00 pm in C-305.  All interested and returning members are welcome.

Book Club – Our mission is to promote recreational reading for personal interest and enrichment.  Club activities include book discussions, community service projects, and participation in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. See Ms. Taft in the media center for details.

DECA is an association of marketing students. It is open to any student interested in business, marketing, or advertising. We participate in community service projects, enter regional business competitions, and work with local business and industry to assist students in developing leadership skills.  See Dr. Dunton in room E209 for more information.

Educational Enhancement Club will work toward all forms of pedagogical enhancement at Grady High School and at times the Atlanta communities.  For more information see Mr. Sellers in room C405.

Engineering TSA – The Technology Student Association mission is to prepare its membership to be successful leaders and responsible citizens in a technological society through co-curricular activities within the engineering program including communication, leadership, and competitive skill development in the classroom/laboratory environment.  See Ms. Schofield or Ms. Swift in room E206 or E216 for more information.

Eunique GIRLS is a mentoring program for young women that seeks to empower them through group discussions, field experiences, and community service endeavors. Our objective is to enhance self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence while reiterating that these young ladies are "3-I Strong: Independent, Intelligent, and Innovative."  See Ms. Avery in room E213 for more information.

G3 Robotics Team – Students work with adult engineering mentors to design and build robots for the FIRST and VEC robotics competitions.  In addition to engineering, our team also provides students with the opportunity to learn leadership, speaking, and writing skills.  See attached flyer for more information.  Join us in the Black Box Theater after school on Thursday, August 7th, for our interest meeting.

Grady Earth Club is environmental service-learning club. We cultivate the school garden and participate in a variety of environmentally themed field experiences and community service projects. See Ms. Ellis in room C312 for more information.

HOSA: Future Healthcare Professionals – The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.


Jesters Speech and Debate Team – Our goal is to embrace the values speech and debate activities bring to our students, our educational system, and our society. Through speech and debate activities, Grady High School students have the opportunity to not only vastly improve their abilities in the four core zones of literacy—reading, writing, speaking and listening—but also gain the self-confidence and higher-level thinking they need to become great leaders. We belong to the National Forensic League, the nation's oldest high school honor society, as well as several other national associations. By competing at tournaments throughout the country throughout the school year, we have become a five-time state championship team, have numerous national finalists, and national champions- all this while still have a fun and fantastic time! We are proud to be recognized as a top team in the region and nation. Interest Meeting regarding membership in the 2014-2015 team is on Monday, August 11 in the Vincent D. Murray Auditorium

Latin Certamen Team competes in several academic bowl tournaments throughout the year.  If you have a passion for Latin, mythology, Roman culture and history, and English derivatives, come see Mr. Allen in room C408!

Law Club will explore careers in law, justice and investigations.  Students will gain hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the opportunities available in these fields.   See Ms. Barbour or Judge Bowden for more information.

Mock Trial – Coached by volunteer attorneys and teachers, teams of 14 students work together to prepare their presentations from case materials. In the competition phase, students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses based on the evidence and witness statements. Teams are evaluated on their ability to make a logical, cohesive and persuasive presentation, rather than on the legal merits of the case. There will be a meeting for all new students and parents interested in Grady Mock Trial on August 7 at 5:30 pm in the cafeteria.  Please join us to learn more about the mock trial program, and meet the coaches.

Model UN delegates attend national conferences, where they discuss and derive solutions to global issues. Members of the team meet other students from all across the country and partake in intense debates. From international crises to modern diplomacy, delegates get to run the world for an afternoon.  Participants research and formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the countries they represent. Model UN involves researching, public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills.  See Ms. Salvesen in room C327 for more information.

Moot Court Club will train and prepare students for litigation before the court through a series of competitions.  Students will have the opportunity to enhance and strengthen their critical thinking skills and public speaking skills, which is useful in any future career opportunity. .  See Ms. Barbour or Judge Bowden for more information.

Orator Yearbook – Do you have what it takes? Join yearbook to write stories, take pictures, make memories, and have fun! If interested, please email Dr. Presley at or visit her in E113 for more details.

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Our mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving high school and college students who are preparing for hundreds of careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including careers which Grady supports such as video production and graphic communications & design. See Ms. Kendall, Mr. Nicolson, or Mr. Roberts for more.