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 Georgia End of Course Exams
Be prepared for the upcoming EOC tests. Mr. Douglass walks you through some valuable need to know information to help you be the best you can be. 

Important Parent Survey: Georgia Department of Education Needs Your Feedback!
Every year, the GaDOE collects feedback from parents about North Atlanta. The data is used to create our Climate Star rating which is a part of the CCRPI reporting. The Climate Star rating can be seen by prospective families and by teacher applicants. Your feedback is important!
Please take the survey, HERE. Make sure to select Atlanta Public Schools for the system and North Atlanta High School for the school.


Host a Student from Japan!

Our Sister City friends in Fukuoka, Japan will return for a one week home stay exchange from March 18 - March 26. These students will live with a host family, will attend school with their host sibling for 3 days and be toured around Atlanta by the Sister Cities committee for 2 days.

The students are:
1) Takeharu Watanabe (male; 16 years old)
2) Ayu Noguchi (female; 15)
3) Mihiro Tsunoda (female; 16)
4) Fuuki Udou (female; 16)
5) Akane Obata (female; 16)
6) Misaki Koyanagi (female; 16)
7) Yuzuki Fukuda (female; 16)

The students are in their first year of high school except Akane (5), who is in her second year. Yuzuki (7) won this trip through the English speech contest last December. Everyone else was selected through submitting their applications and passing the interviews.

Please email Assistant Principal Stewart,, if you are interested in hosting a student.

Advanced Placement Testing Fees and Registration Information
Atlanta Public Schools is offering to help all families defray the costs of 2016-2017 Advanced Placement (AP) exam fees. The amount to be paid by APS is determined by whether or not a student qualifies for an AP Exam Fee Reduction based on demonstrated financial need.
APS will partially fund exam fees on behalf of families of 2016-2017 AP students in grades 9-12 who sign an agreement and abide by its conditions. If you would like APS to subsidize your child’s AP Exam fees, please complete the documents that apply to your family and return to your child’s AP teacher or Rebecca England, AP Test Coordinator, by February 24, 2017. The forms can be found HERE.
Please note that North Atlanta High School will be using Total Registration to complete AP Exam registration this school year and there will be a processing fee added to the AP exam cost for the use of this service.

Advanced Placement Registration is Open. Students can access Total Registration using the link below:
The Advanced Placement Exam registration window for North Atlanta High School opened on, Friday, February 10th 2017 and closes on February 25th. Late registration will be available from February 26th to March 1st. 

There will be a late registration fee of $10.00 per exam. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to register by the registration deadline of February 25th so as not to incur the late registration fee.
The AP Exam fees indicated on Total Registration are based on students completing and submitting the APS Advanced Placement Exam Fees Agreement and if applicable, the AP Fee Reduction Criteria form by February 24, 2017. Failure to submit the required documents may result in cancellation of the registration or the student and family will be responsible for the total cost of exam fees ($93.00 per exam) due to North Atlanta High School.
Families who do not want APS to help defray the cost of the AP Exams may complete their registration online at Total Registration and then contact Rebecca England, AP Coordinator, via email at to make arrangements to pay the remaining balance to North Atlanta High School.



Seniors: Diploma Seal Applications

Please complete the following applications for graduation honors. Seniors who qualify will be recognized at graduation and will receive a special seal on their diploma.

International Skills Diploma Seal Application

Fine Arts Diploma Seal Application

Seal of Biliteracy Application

Questions? Please contact Jill Stewart at


Did You Know?  Chain of Command Protocol
Parents - if you have questions or concerns with curriculum subject matter and/or one of your child's classes, please first seek help from your child's classroom teacher.  If you still have questions/concerns, consult the Assistant Principal over that subject matter (see below).  If after consulting with the Assistant Principal you are still not satisfied, contact Principal Douglass.

Below is the list of NAHS Assistant Principals and the areas of study they oversee:
Literature, ESOL, CTAE - Meredith Kaltman
Science - Yvette Williams
Math - Dr. Angela Mitchell
Social Studies, World Languages, PE - Jill Stewart
Fine & Performing Arts, Jr. ROTC - Robert Whitman


2017-2018 Scheduling Information

NAHS begun scheduling students for the 2017-18 school year. There is a wealth of information available on the NAHS Scheduling Information website. Go HERE to access the site. 

Warrior Community: Join NAHS VOCABULARY.COM Challenge!

Find your Class/Team and join in the competition via VOCABULARY.COM.  Some of the lists (Super Bowl) are fun and some (Top 1000 Words) are serious SAT/College Prep or just words you should know.  

Teams are limited to fifty.
Additional teams may be added based on interest.
Play on NAHS Warriors!

Class of 2017

Class of 2018  

Class of 2019  
Class of 2020

Faculty and Staff

Parent Warriors                

NOTE: Students can see the links to sign up in the Media Center too.  Expect prizes for winning individuals/teams.


Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program

Applications for the 2017 summer program are NOW OPEN!  This summer, 220 students will be selected to participate in an intense program filled with dynamic lessons, group activities and hands-on exercises focusing on three core areas of leadership: Communication, Optimism, and Informed Decision Making.

Upon graduating from the program, students create and implement a service-learning project, allowing them to utilize the skills they learned in the week-long session.  Students feel empowered knowing they made a positive difference in the lives of others, contributing to their growth as a leader within their school and community. Our program alumni have been featured in news articles, received honors and awards for their work, and in some cases have earned grant funding for their projects or scholarship money for college.

Final Deadline: April 12, 2017 (midnight).

To apply and for more information, go HERE.  


Exploring Culture, Art and Service in Peru 

To support International Baccalaureate philosophy of international-mindedness, we are proud to announce an exciting trip for any interested students of North Atlanta High School. During Spring Break 2018, we will engage in a Service Learning Tour with EF to Peru. On a Service Learning Tour, teachers and students work side-by-side with locals on current challenges relating to access to education, sustainability, and economic development.

Complete your application online here or by phone 800-665-5364. The tour number is 1937289FJ. Click here and see Dr. Showers (office 6153) for more information.

The Final Deadline to Buy a Yearbook is Feb. 24!

Parents: This year’s North Atlanta yearbook will be the biggest ever at an eye-popping 250+ pages. There will be more photos, more students in it – and more buzz than ever at the end of the year when it comes out.

But time is running out to buy it for your child. The final deadline is Feb. 24.

Go to, Price: $80. Senior parents: Don’t buy the book! (It’s included in senior dues.)


 Parent-Teacher Conferences
 If you need to have a group conference with three or more of your student’s teachers, please sign up HERE.
Please be sure to list the teachers by first initial and last name to avoid any confusion. If you need to cancel a previously scheduled conference, please email our NAHS Parent Liaison, Ms. Kimberly Lucas at at or 404-802-4767. Please include your grade level counselor as a courtesy copy if sending e-mail communications. 

The North Atlanta Class of 2016 achieved an 88.3 percent graduation rate.  Click HERE for more information

 Breeze Card  
NAHS is selling discounted Marta cards in the school bookstore.  Ten (10) trips is $17.00 which is an $8.00 savings.  Cards expire three years after purchase. 

North Atlanta High School – There’s an app for that!

That’s right, you can now keep up with all of the who, what, when and where for North Atlanta High School through the North Atlanta High School app available on all mobile devices!

Click here and navigate through to North Atlanta High School on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows device.  With our app, you can:

•    keep up with all of our latest news, information and announcements
•    find out about events and activities
•    contact teachers, staff and administration
•    access our online gradebook system and more
•    get important documents, picture galleries & other media
•    track homework, tests and projects through a virtual assignment book.


Hey Warriors! Let’s Get eReading!

Students are now able to download and use the Open eBooks app for free. With this app, you and your family can access a library of thousands of popular and award winning eBooks for free! Each student will receive a PIN/Code, this will allow them to access the eBooks application. Follow the instruction below to start using eBooks.
1. Go to this link for  Andriod phones and tablets follow instructions for download.
    Go here for iPhones and iPads  follow instructions for download.
2. Open the app. Please note: when using the app, standard data rates apply. Agree to any terms and conditions.
3. Enter your code and PIN combination (available from Ms. McCall in the media center) when prompted.
4. Browse the catalog of books available.
5. Download eBooks of interest to your child and enjoy reading!
Please note: You can download 10 eBooks at a time. Each eBook will be available for 56 days before it must be renewed. Questions? Please contact Lori McCall at  

ACT         AVA

 Atlanta Virtual Academy is offering all high school students free test preparation services for college entrance exams, ACT and SAT. AVA has partnered with Edgenuity, an online education provider, to expand support by offering free test prep services.  All 9th-12th grade students have been enrolled in ACT and SAT web-based courses, which will allow them to complete lessons at their own pace. There is not a teacher attached to the course and students do not receive credit. Students will log in and get started…that simple!!  Please visit AVA’s website for additional information. 

Image result for parking permit 
 Student Drivers: It’s Time to Buy Your Parking Pass

Parking permits are required for all students wishing to park on campus at North Atlanta High School.

Cost:  $50 (cash or money order only, NO CHECKS) for the entire year for a dedicated parking space in the deck
To register, please provide a copy of the student’s driver’s license, car registration and proof of insurance, plus a Parking Permit Applications which can be found HERE

Permits can be obtained in the Warrior Book Store before school or during lunch.

Please keep in mind these simple rules that exist for the safety of our students:  
Students may not park on the first level of the deck or on any ramp.  
Students must park in their designated spot on the second or third level of the deck.
Students may not park outside of the deck in the surface parking.
Students may not park in the spaces by the athletic fields or bus lane during school hours.

There is no free parking for students anywhere on NAHS property.