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Grady Brag Sheet 2013-2014

As of May 2, 2014



Academics and Scholarships




National Merit Finalists:  Quinn Mulholland, Ralston Li, Samuel Heller, Tucker Lancaster, Zoe Schneider, and Archer Kinnane.






National Achievement Scholarship Semi-Finalists: Ryan Bolton, Tia Borrego, Khalid Ransome-Amborsley, Titus Zeigler.




According to the College Board, approximately 18 percent of more than 1.9 million students worldwide who took AP exams performed at a sufficiently high level to earn an AP Scholar Award. The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on students’ performance on AP Exams. This year, the College Board identified 80 Grady students as an AP Scholar. Let’s applaud the hard work and sacrifice of all of our AP students, teachers, and coordinators.



AP Scholars (29, received scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams):  Emma Aberle-Grasse, Aeron Attwooll, David Carlock, Rachel Citrin, Mary Condolora, Maxwell Dusenbury, Declan Farrisee, Josiah Garrett, Mallory Hazell, Alexander Jones, Salome Kakalashvili, Madeline Lansing, Caitlin Lochridge, Richard Lou, George Lowring, Kate Marani, Lauren Meadows, Caroline Morris, Lauren Ogg, Axel Olson, Rex Peterson, Isaiah Phillips-Spring, Eliza Renner, Laura Sommerville, Ryan Switzer, Katherine Taber, McKenzie Taylor, Joshua Weinstock, Katherine Zakharova



AP Scholar with Honor (10, received an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams):  Mona Adams, Alice Antia, Christopher Carson, Samantha Dean, Ellen Ericson, Rachel Klika, Tucker Lancaster, Isaac Rehg, Laura Streib, Titus Zeigler



AP Scholar with Distinction (41, received an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams):  Lucy Bradley, Joseph Capelouto, Preston Cho, Adrian Davanzo, Zachary Davis, Ana Degive, Michael Dillard, Deborah Harris, Claire Hasson, Samuel Heller, Orli Hendler, Samuel Holder, Asem Kharbouch, Archer Kinnane, Troy Kleber, Olivia Kleinman, Raulston Li, Elias Mansbach, Ansley Mark, Simon Mclane, Juan Montoya, James Moy, Quinn Mulholland, Alexander Munger, Henry Peteet, Grace Power, Allison Rapoport, James Reid, Adam Schatz, Zoe Schneider, Patrick Scollard, Benjamin Searles, Carson Shadwell, Alex Stearns-Bernhardt, Isabelle Taft, Olivia Volkert, Luke Webster, Grace White, Justin Williams, Patrick Wise, Alexandra Wolfe



National AP Scholar (4, U. S. students who received an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams):  Samuel Heller, Troy Kleber, Zoe Schneider, Isabelle Taft




Posse Scholarship (full tuition) Recipients:  Ryan Bolton, Syracuse University; Xavier Nelson, Brandeis University; Alanne Stroy, Syracuse University; J.D. Capelouto, Boston University. 





Kedeish Berlin is a Questbridge Scholar for Carleton College and she is also the recipient of the Comcast Scholarship. 




Congratulations to Nyla Woods for signing a Full Track Scholarship to St. Johns University on National Signing Day 2014!




Tia Borrego has received the NROTC US Naval Scholarship for Georgia Institute of Technology. Chiefs Cobbs would like to present Tia with her 180,000.00 scholarship award




Please congratulate the students below for their selection into the 2014 Georgia Governor's Honors Program (GHP). GHP is a residential summer program for gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors that take place on the campus of Valdosta State University.  GHP was designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities. Activities provide each participant with opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become independent, life-long learners.  More than 2800 students from across the state interviewed/auditioned over three weekends in January and February to compete for a spot in the 2014 program. During the program, students spend the morning in their major area of nomination, exploring topics not usually found in the regular high school classroom.  During the afternoons, students choose a minor area in which to study. The curriculum in all the areas is challenging and engaging.  Evenings are filled with seminars, activities, concerts, and performances.



2014 GHP Finalists



Keegan Hassan:               Communicative Arts



Lucia Lombard             Communicative Arts



Molly Looman:                Communicative Arts



Nathaniel Pate:                 Mathematics



Henry Persons:                 Mathematics



 Kakinuma Uzuki:            Music



 Margaret Stockdale:        Social Studies



 Jefferson Martin:             Technology



 Mia Panarites:                 Theatre Design




Below are the students who have been accepted for The Renaissance; Grady's on-site dual enrollment program spring semester 2014. They will be enrolled in two college courses College Algebra 111 and English Composition 1101/1102.



Salena Araya, Asha Banks, Torre Banks, Zikiyah Battle, Tia Borrego, Collisha Chunn, Kyle Cobb, Nena Dorsey, Troy Hightower, Tyler Howcott, Kaaya Hughson, Emma Kasper, Qri Montague, Kaise Morgan, Xavier Nelson, Suraya Nkosi, Nzinga Oby, Mackenzie Paller, Maya Pines, Angelicah Rivers, Alexandra Roberts, Koya Siebie, Madeline Siegal, Tony Wilborn, Taylor Williams, Titus Zeigler




On Saturday, October 19, 2013, over 800 Latin students from across Georgia competed in the 2013 Fall Forum at Marist High School.  Fall Forum is a one-day miniature version of the annual State Latin Convention held in April.  Students compete in academic, athletic, and artistic competitions. 



Please congratulate the following students on their achievements:






Olivia Volkert and Ben Simonds-Malamud placed 5th in the state in the Academic Bowl tournament (known as certamen).  This was particularly impressive since all the other teams had 4 members, and our team only had 2!






Ben Simonds-Malamud received a summa cum laude (highest award) in the Sight Passage Recitation category.






Jasmine Lawrence won her gladiatorial combat bout (you’ll just have to ask her about it…and make sure she shows you the pictures!).




The Grady Mock Trial Team participted in the 4th Empire City International Invitational Tournament in mid-October:  Quinn Mullholand, JD Capelouto, Orli Hendler, Michael Dillard, Griffin Kish, Jenni Rogan, Chris Brown, Eli Hendler, Chase Kleber, Carolyn Capelouto, Erik Tischer, Jamie Panarites, Orly Mansbach, Jared Steckl, and Drew DiFrancesco.




On January 26th, Grady High School's Mock Trial Team won their region competition.  This marks the 16th year in a row that we have accomplished this.  In our final round, we competed against the Atlanta International School, which came in second place at the competition we competed in last fall in Brooklyn, NY.  The following students won awards for their performances:



 Round 1: Outstanding Attorney- Archie Kinane



              Outstanding Witness- Orli Hendler



 Round 2: Outstanding Attorney- Quinn Mulholland



                                               Archie Kinane



              Outstanding Witness- Orli Hendler



                                                JD Capelouto



 Final Round: Outstanding Attorney- Eli Hendler



                   Outstanding Witness- Orli Hendler



                                                    JD Capelouto






On February 23rd, Grady's Mock Trial team competed for the district title.  In our first round we were able to defeat the Weber school.  We faced the Atlanta International School in the final round and, unfortunately, we were defeated by only 5 points.



 Best Attorney Awards:  Quinn Mulholland and Griffin Kish



 Best Witness: Orli Hendler




Congratulations to the Moot Court Team on its first competition WIN at the 2nd Annual Law Pipeline Program, Inc., Law Conference and Moot Court Competition on Saturday, March 4, 2014, at the GSU College of Law.  Grady students won the Best Overall Oral Argument. Congratulations go out to Danielle Pines, Gregory Partridge, Monique Adams, Veronica Grissett, Jennifer Lyons, Caylin Neuton, and Kaleb Edwards.




The following students attended a Model UN conference October 15, 2013, at 



Georgia Tech:  Jack Arnold, Sam Bowie, Anna Braxton, Robert Brown, Meredith Fossitt, Molly Gray, Carter Guensler, Tatyana Sampson, Margo Stockdale, and Olivia Volkert.  Please congratulate Margo and Molly for winning Outstanding Delagation.




Seventeen Grady students have been selected to participate in the Great Promise Partnership (GPP) Program. This initiate is a partnership with Grady High School, Great Promise Partnership, Inc. & City of Atlanta. The goals of this year-long program is to provide support, assist students in graduating from high school, and teach them skills to become productive citizens.




2013 Grady High School Academic Fair:



Congratulate these students on their success at the Math, Science, and Engineering Fair:



Mary Morris



Caroline Morris



Hurricanes and Ocean Temperature



·         Analysis Award at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Gold Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair






·         2nd Honors (75th – 90th Percentile) at Georgia Scienct & Engineering Fair



·         AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY AWARD at Georgia Scienct & Engineering Fair



·         NOAA ‐ TAKING THE PULSE OF THE PLANET AWARD at Georgia Scienct & Engineering Fair









Allie Schneider



Hurricane Housing



·         Best Overall project at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Gold Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         2nd Honors (75th – 90th Percentile) at Georgia Scienct & Engineering Fair






Carter Guensler



Disability Mobility Accessibility: Curbing Sidewalk Disrepair



·         Creativity Award at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Gold Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         4th Honors (40th – 60th percentile) at Georgia Scienct & Engineering Fair






Jenny Rogan



Alex Wolfe



Stress Test: How Influential is Stress In A Testing Situation?



·         Honorable Mention at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Gold Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair






Grace Dwyer



The Perfect Crime



·         Honorable Mention at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Silver Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair






Archie Kinnane



Adam Schutz



Tucker Lancaster



Solar For The Wind



·         Honorable Mention at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Silver Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair






Alice Antia



Penelope Realff



E Coli. And Lactobacillus in Distal Gut Mice Microbiome



·         Design Award at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Silver Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair






Tatyana Sampson



From DNA to Protein Plasmid Construction, Expression, and Purification of Ribosomal Protein L34



·         Presentation Award at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair



·         Bronze Key Winner at Atlanta Regional Math, Science & Engineering Fair






Amelia Rehg



Audrey Burnette



Does Acrylamide Undergo Photo-induced Polymerization via Laser Light?



·         Honorable Mention at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair






Mei Nathan



The Truth in a Lie



·         Novice Award at Grady High School Math, Science & Engineering Fair




Please congratulate these students on their success at the Social Science Fair:




Bailey Damiani



How Did Iceland’s Government Handle Their Economic Crisis Differently Than Other Countries?



·         Honorable Mention at Grady Social Studies Fair



·         1st Place Ribbon at the APS Social Studies Fair



·         “Best in Fair” at the APS Social Studies Fair



·         1st Place Ribbon at the West Metro Regional Social Studies Fair



·         Advanced to the Georgia Social Studies Fair on May 1st, 2014






Allie Schneider



In What Ways Are the Dutch Fighting Rising Seas and Flooding To Keep Their Country from Sinking Below the Ocean?



·         Best Overall Project at Grady Social Studies Fair



·         2nd Place Ribbon at the APS Social Studies Fair






Audrey Sullivan



The History of Pasta: How This Italian Staple Conquered the World



·         Runner-up at Grady Social Studies Fair



·         2nd Place Ribbon at the APS Social Studies Fair



·         “Best in Class” at the APS Social Studies Fair






Alexis Cooper



How Does Social Exclusion in France’s Rural Areas Impact Poverty?



·         Honorable Mention at Grady Social Studies Fair



·         3rd Place Ribbon at the APS Social Studies Fair






Amelia Rehg



How did Mussolini Rise to Power and How Did He Fall?



·         Honorable Mention at Grady Social Studies Fair



·         3rd Place Ribbon at the APS Social Studies Fair




Grady sophmore Uzuki Kakinuma won the regional Poetry Out Loud competition in Macon. Uzuki advanced to the state competition which will take place on March 15th at the Atlanta History Center. The winner of the state competition will represent Georgia in the national competition in Washington, DC in April.



Please help me congratulate the following students who were chosen as the school and grade level winners, as well as honorable mentions for the 2013-2014 Laws of Life Essay Contest.  The school winner receives $100, the grade level winners will receive $50, and honorable mentions will receive a nice certificate.






9th Grade Winner



Alexia Hale




Honorable Mentions



Lakeisha Dodson, Aaron Williams,




10th Grade Winner



Jessica Hume




Honorable Mentions



Harrison Wilco, Isabel Olson












Jamie Reid is a 2014 “Future Leaders of America” high school student scholarship winner.  The scholarships cover the scholars’ round trip airfare, tuition, room and board and transportation in and around Washington to attend the Washington Workshops’ Congressional Seminar studying national politics and government this summer. Jamie won the



Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Anti-Gang Scholarship.




On March 13th, 78 Latin students took the 2014 National Latin Exam.  Around 154,000 students across the US and 17 other countries take the exam every year.  It is a very difficult 40 question exam which assesses all aspects of Latin (vocabulary, grammar, English derivatives, reading comprehension) and Roman culture (history, daily life, mythology).  I am pleased to announce the results of this year’s exam.  The number in parentheses indicates the student’s level of Latin.  Please congratulate these students as you see them.






Gold Medal Winners: Summa Cum Laude



Orly Mansbach (1) – Orly only missed ONE QUESTION!!



Reilly Blum (2)






Silver Medal Winners: Maxima Cum Laude



Keegan Hasson (2)



Eli Hendler (2)



Conor Downey (2)



John Slovensky (2)



Noah Li (2)



Ike Hammond (3)



Ben Simonds-Malamud (3)



Russell Miller (3)



Vincent James (3)






Magna Cum Laude



Isabel Olson (2)



Harrison Wilco (2)



Justin Cucchi (2)



Elizabeth Shipp (2)



Steffen Martin (2)



Miles Barreto (2)



Jasmine Sutton (2)



Nicolas Lyman (2)



Jenni Rogan (2)



Eliza Renner (3)



Kobie Sears-Louder (3)



Robert Brown (3)



Jack Arnold (3)



Zach Peters (3)



Eli Mansbach (4)






Cum Laude



Sophia Durham (2)



Bradley Mackett (2)



Colin Bray (3)



Hope Van Duyne (3)



Madeline Veira (3)



Crystal Dorta (3)



Max Rabb (3)



Allison Rapoport (4)



Archie Kinnane (4)



Orli Hendler (4)






The following students just came 1-2 answers away from receiving an award:



Nishat Shormi



Decker D’Alesio



Martika Johanson-Murray



Owen Kavanagh



Stone Persons



Emily Dean



Jasmine Lawrence



Kathy Zakharova



Olivia Volkert



Zoe Schneider



On April 11-13, around 900 Latin students from all across the state met at Camp Rock Eagle for the 62nd annual State Latin Convention.  Grady sent 20 delegates this year, and our students performed well on various academic exams, speaking contests, athletic battles, and artistic events.  It is considered an honor to place in the top 15 in any category.  Please congratulate the students below on their success!






Academic Events






Sajjad Ali: 15th place on the Roman Daily Life Exam (Level II) 



Miles Barret 13th on the Roman Daily Life Exam  (Level II)



Bailey Kish: 14th on the Roman Daily Life Exam  (Level II)



Gabriel Kupersmith: 13th on the Roman Daily Life Exam  (Level II)



Jasmine Sutton: 12th on the Latin Derivatives Exam (Level II)



Emily Deis: 12th on the Latin Derivatives Exam (Level III) AND 11th on the Roman History Exam (Level III)



Jasmine Lawrence: 14th on the Latin Derivatives Exam (Level III) AND 15th on the Roman History Exam (Level III)



Talia Lockridge: 11th on the Roman Daily Life Exam (Level III) AND 13th on the Reading Comprehension Prose Exam (Level III)



Casey Manders: 15th on the Roman History Exam (Level III) AND 13th on the Reading Comprehension Prose Exam (Level III)



Samantha Manders: 13th on the Reading Comprehension Poetry Exam (Level III)



Preston Choi: 9th on the Latin Derivatives Exam (Level IV) AND 12th on the Greek Derivatives Exam (Level IV)






Nicholas Fritzinger-Pittman, Jasmine Sutton, Sloan Hodges, and Sajjad Ali: 10th in Intermediate (Level II) certamen (quiz bowl)









Athletic Battles






Samantha Manders: 3rd place Distance Run (Girls)



Nicholas Fritzinger-Pittman: 3rd place Distance Run (Boys)



Hank Persons: 4th place Distance Run (Boys)






Jasmine Lawrence: 5th place 50-Yard Dash (Girls)






Mack Hodges, Josh Ortega, Gabriel Kupersmith, Samantha Manders, Casey Manders, and Sloan Hodges: 2nd place in the Ultimate tournament






In the CHARIOT RACE, the boys and girls both placed 6th out of 18 chariots.  In the boys’ final, we were clearly pulling ahead of the pack when, alas, our chariot broke.  Everyone was okay (not even a scratch), but our pride was hurt!  Actually, it was great that we made it to the finals.  The kids clearly had a fun time running the chariots this year.









Artistic Competitions






Nicholas Fritzinger-Pittman: 1st place in the Large-Scale Model category (for his version of the Colosseum) and 4th place in the Miscellaneous category (for a cup he carved)















For medium-sized schools, Grady placed 5th in the sweepstakes awards at this year’s convention.  This is the best we’ve ever done in terms of sweepstakes!  Also, our Latin Club chapter was recognized as one of only five chapters in the state to increase our membership total by 40% or more from last year.






Please join me in congratulating Grady French students for their performance in the National French Contest (Le grand concours). The contest took place on March 19 and 20, 2014.







In October, the Gearbox Gangstaz kicked off the beginning of their annual FIRST Lego League (FLL) outreach programs. Elementary and middle school students will use the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kit to construct small robots that complete a variety of tasks around a playing field. We held our first training session for the program at the end of September, introducing multiple teams to the technology that will be useful in the competition. Three more training sessions this month will culminate in our annual FLL & JrFLL Qualifying Tournament and Qualifying Match Set on November 23.



On Saturday, October the 5th, twenty Gangstaz attended the Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase (GRITS). We competed in a redux of last year’s FIRST competition against 25 other FIRST teams. We were seated at 7th place after the qualifying rounds, and were chosen by the 2nd seed alliance. After advancing to a tie-breaking match for a spot in the finals, our alliance was eliminated, scoring 54-56 and ending the competition in 3rd place.  



Members of the robotics team toured the KIA Motors plant in West Point, GA, on Tuesday 10/15:  Martika Johanson-Murray, Jefferson Martin, Nathanael Pate, Owen Kavanagh, Sajjad Ali, Sarah Smith, Casey Manders, Talia Lockridge




On the November 23rd, Grady hosted the 2nd Annual FLL Qualifying Tournament and JrFLL Exhibition. We hosted 12 FLL teams and 15 JrFLL teams in an extremely successful event, keeping to our schedule and ending on time. Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping keep things running smoothly, and congratulations to all of the teams that participated in our competition this year. Furthermore, congratulations to this year’s champions award winners: Team 495 RoboTigers, Team 2257 Jackson Robotics Ten Programmers, and Team 13230 Romer Academy Golden Cougars!




Please congratulate the students listed below on a successful season of FIRST robotics competitions.  The team competed in two competitions: the Palmetto Regional in South Carolina and the Peachtree Regional in Georgia.  We competed against over 100 teams from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.  We ended our season with a record of 11 wins, 11 losses, and 1 tie, making it to the quarterfinals of both regional competitions.   At the Peachtree Regional here in Georgia, we were recognized with the Imagery Award for our attractive robot and overall rebranding of our team as G3 Robotics. 









G3 Robotics Team Members:






























































































































































































































































































































































































The following students successfully tested on 15 January 2014 in Hosa Regional Competition: Hakeem Todd, Morgan Ukaonu, Kameron King, Steven Stewart, Eric Spencer, Michael Santos, Breia Jonas, LaDaisha Russell for the Parliamentary Procedure Team and Kedeish Berlin for Medical Reading to advance to the Hosa State Leadership Competition that will be held 6 – 8 March 2014.




Please congratulate the following Students that won at State and advanced to the Hosa National level Competition






Parliamentary Procedure: Erin Fallen, Kameron King, Khalid Ransome, LaDaisha Russell, Eric Spencer, Steven Stewart, Hakeem Todd, Morgan Ukaonu 2nd Place






Medical Readiness Corps: Cinquai Butts, Bobbye Cooper, Tayler Jordan, Michael Santos, Karol Sawyer, Rodrecka Thornton 2nd Place 1st time in Grady History






Healthcare Issues Exam : Haleigh Caldwell – top 50 candidates out of 800 selected to represent the State of Georgia in national competition this winner qualifies for a scholarship from the sponsoring agency. 1st time in Grady History






Health Career Display: William Loveless & Crystal Dorta 3rd place considered by some as the “Hardest event” – 1st time in Grady History according to Sandra Ukah, that we placed in this competition!!!






Kedish Berlin for the HOSA National Leadership Conference.  She is the only student that qualified in two events.








Please congratulate Tia Borrego for earning a 400,000.00 scholarship to the West Point Academy and Oscar Prioleau for earning a 400,000.00 scholarship to US Naval Academy.




The Grady High JROTC drill and color guard teams won numerous trophies this past drill season and hosted the Area 6 Drill meet where we cleaned up again on our way to State. We would like to give thanks to those commanders for a job well done they are: Cadets C/LTC Titus Zeigler, C/MAJ Tia Borrego, C/MAJ Kylah Clark, CSM Kaaya Hughson, C/CPT Orlando Brown, C/CPT Kasie Morgan, C/1LT Colin Kroner and C/SFC Parris Guillard.




The JLAB Leadership and Academic teams did excellent this year with the Academic team advancing to the Level 3 finals again this year.





 Visual Art



Please congratulate Juan Montoya, Surayya Nkosi, and Kira Carter as winners of the March 8th art competition at SCAD.  Kira and Surayya each won first place in the timed figure drawing competitions over competitors from 5 regional high schools.






Also, please excuse Surayya, Preston Choi, Axel Olson, and Jasmine Foreman from their second period class.  They are being awarded by the Atlanta Women’s Club today and will miss 2nd and part of 3rd periods.






Please congratulate Lindsay Van Beck for winning 2nd place at Pace Academy Annual High School Photography Competition.



This event  is highly competitive with both public and private schools across Georgia participating.



This is the year that Grady has placed in this competition in the last four years.




Grady Music Programs



Four of our orchestra students passed the first GMEA auditions:  Uzuki Kakinuma, Justin Oliver, Adam Schatz and Julia Borthwick.




Two Grady High School Students made the first round for All-State in the jazz field: Liam Henry And Nicholas Hamilton.




Uzuki Kakinuma and Justin Oliver won chairs at the prestigious Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra.




Uzuki Kakinuma, Julia Borthwick, Michael Dillard, and Mary Claire Morris have been accepted at the prestigious Chamber Honors Festival. They performed in concert on November 15th under the baton of DR. GLENN BLOCK at Spivey Hall.




Leslie Lang won the first Georgia Music Educator’s Association (GMEA) composition competition.




TheGrady Knights Philharmonic Orchestra won the highest ratings for their outstanding performance at GMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Congrats also to our soloists, Uzuki Kakinuma and Leslie Lang. They too did very well and won the highest ratings for their performance. The judges were very impressed.  Congrats to our Grady Knights String Quartet for the rendition of Haydn "The Lark" String Quartet.  They won the highest ratings for their performance.




The Grady Chorus performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra again this year for their Very Merry Holiday Pops concert series December 19 - 21.  The featured solo artist this year was Liz Callaway, a Tony-nominated singer who was also the voice of Anastasia in Disney's "Anastasia". 




Nick Hamilton (trumpet) and Catherine Humes (flute) made it through the first round of All-State Band try outs.




Justin Oliver, Uzuki Kakinuma and Julia Borthwick won seats at the prestigious GMEA honors orchestra.  They competed among 900 music students from all GA.




Grady Philharmonic Chamber Players won superior and excellence in performance at the annual evaluation music festival GMEA






The Grady cluster received full superiors at the JEPE, including the Grady Jazz Knights and the Inman Eagles.  







OutReach 2013 partnered Grady students with members of the Atlanta chapter of Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) and students and faculty affiliated with the School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech.  The final presentation of projects and promotional poster artwork took place on Thursday evening, October 10 starting at 6:00pm at Design Within Reach in Midtown/Buckhead Atlanta. A jury of IDSA professionals reviewed the designs to select the Best in Show based on a criteria referencing aesthetics as well as practical application.




This year's challenge was to disassemble an existing Bluetooth stereo speaker and to explore how it may be best repurposed within a specific constraint, such as "wearable", "furniture", "recycled" (a total of ten different categories). Ten teams represented advanced design classes in the graphic design and engineering programs at Henry W. Grady (trisha kendall, Tonya Schofield, Ms. Williams) and Douglass High Schools (Dwight Jenkins).




Publications/Broadcast Programs



Madeline Veira’s letter to the NSA was aired locally on WABE and nationally through Youth Radio




SOUTHERNER NAMED 2013 PACEMAKER FINALIST:  For the past 86 years, the National Scholastic Press Association has awarded general excellence in scholastic newspapers with the NSPA Pacemaker Award. On Wednesday, for the 11th time in its history and for the fourth year in a row,The Southerner has been named a NSPA Pacemaker finalist. This year's Pacemaker entries were judged by the staff of The Miami Herald




TWO WEBSITE STORIES NAMED FINALISTS FOR MULTIMEDIA NEWS STORY OF THE YEAR:  The National Scholastic Press Association announced six national finalists for 2013 Multimedia News Story of the Year. Two of the six finalists are multimedia story packages that were published on The Southerner website:  The advisers wish to congratulate the staff, especially 2012-2013 news editor Olivia Veira, for this groundbreaking achievement.




The Southerner has earned an ALL-AMERICAN rating, the highest that NSPA awards its member publications. It is the 11th time in 12 years that The Southerner has earned this rating. "It is clear," wrote NSPA evaluator Gaby Herbst, "that the staff of the Southerner is well-trained and that they have a gift for the craft of journalism. ... The dedication to finding relevant, well-researched content, in addition to clearly upholding a strong code of ethics is something that should be celebrated."




The Southerner earned four (out of five) marks of distinction for excellence in Coverage and Content, Writing and Editing, Layout and Design and Leadership. Please congratulate our shared students when you see them.




Thanks for supporting the publications by consenting to interviews when requested. We appreciate your help.




The Southerner is featured in the SPRING 2013 cover story of the Student Press Law Center Report:




C&J students attended the fall journalism conference in Boston in November and received several prestigious awards.  The Southerner was recognized as third in the country for multi-media news.  In the individual writing competitions, honorable mentions went to Josh Weinstock, JD Capelouto, and Mary Condolora.  Excellent ratings went to Kitty Wright and Eli Mansbach.




The staff of Nexus was named a Crown Award finalist for 2014.  The publication was selected from among 1,236 publications to receive either a Gold or Silver Crown Award in March 2014. In December, a panel of judges considered 1,236 print, digital and hybrid publications, magazines and yearbooks published during the 2012-2013 academic year.



The staffs of The Southerner and Nexus combined to win 20 digital media awards in the 2014 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Scholastic Gold Circle competition.




First place (4)




News featureMargo Stockdale, “Social Media Phenomenon Inspires Low Self Esteem,” The Southerner



In-depth news/feature storyQuinn Mulholland and Olivia Volkert, “Skyrocketing College Prices Put Students in a Bind,” The Southerner



Single feature photographKeegan Hasson, “Math Teacher Shoots for the Stars,” The Southerner



Magazine website designCourtney Marshall, Nexus magazine




Second place (5)




Breaking news story: Ryan Switzer, “Student Accidentally Shoots herself in Thigh,” The Southerner



News featureMary Claire Morris, “Missing Girl Sparks Search,” The Southerner



First-person experience: Mallory McFarlin, “Living La Vide Español,” Nexus magazine



Typography (Overall look of the entire website)Courtney Marshall, Nexus magazine



PodcastMadeline Viera, “Letter to My NSA Stalker,” The Southerner




Third place (3)




News writing: Archie Kinnane and Josh Weinstock, “APS Board Candidate Faces Accusations,” The Southerner



News feature: Ben Simonds-Malamud, “Reading Assistance Programs Limited,” The Southerner



Sports featureRyan Switzer, “Nowhere to Go but up for Struggling Special Teams,” The Southerner




Certificate of merit (8)




News writing: Sarah Smith, “Up Against a Wal-Mart," Nexus magazine



In-depth news/feature storyJenn Steckl, “Blowing Off Steam: Rise in Teen E-cigarette Smoking Rate Leads to Cloudy Campus,” The Southerner



General or humor commentaryMadeline Viera, “Letter to My NSA Stalker,” The Southerner



Sports commentaryChris Brown, “Major League Baseball Needs Injection of Courage,” The Southerner



Single feature photographEli Mansbach, “Skyview Helps City Enter Urban Ferris Wheel Craze,” The Southerner



Photo illustration: J.D. Capelouto, “Missing Girl Sparks Search,” The Southerner



Newspaper website designStaff, The Southerner 



Interactive graphicQuinn Mulholland, “Breaking the Bank,” The Southerner




Please join us in congratulating these students for their outstanding work.



Thespian News



Grady Thespians entered the Atlanta 48-Hour Film Project, where professional film companies and amateurs are asked to write, film and edit a 4-7 minute film in 48 hours.  We had one professional actor, a couple of other adults, and the rest were students.  We also had to pick a genre randomly from a hat (we got "fantasy"), incorporate a character, a line of dialogue, and a prop (a towel).  Grady students made the film in 47 hours and 53 minutes, and out of the 72 films that entered, we were picked as the "Jury Select", an honor shared by 11 other films.  On top of that, our film won the award for "Best Costumes", mostly because of Charlie Denton's extensive Steampunk collection.  Since the majority of the entrants were professional, we were very proud of our accomplishment.



Here's a link to the film:  The Quest - Grady Thespian



Grady won the Region 6AAAA One Act Competition. We will be competing in the State One Act competition Saturday, Nov 9. In addition, Preston Choi was named "Best Actor" and Eliza Renner was named "Best Actress". This is our 3rd region championship in the last 4 years since we started competing again. 



In the One-Act Competition this year, Grady performed "Dogface", won the region tournament, and picked up the Best Actor (Preston Choi) and Best Actress (Eliza Renner) awards.  We then moved on to state and placed 4th overall.  In addition, Eliza Renner received the award for Best Actress in the state!! This is the best we've done since we restarted the competition four years ago.  Please congratulate the following cast & crew if you see them.  Cast:  Eliza Renner, Molly Gray, Jack Arnold, Ashley Carter, Clarissa Mullig, Parker Tucker, Caroline Bray, Tatyana Sampson, Elizabeth Gibbs, and Preston Choi.  Crew:  Mia Panarites, Penelope Realff, June Kinner, Ben Cohen, and Amelia Rehg.




Grady Speech and Debate



Congrats to the Jesters who attended the Warner Robins HS Speech and Debate Tournament on Saturday, October 12.



Impromptu Speaking: 5th Place, Isabel Olson; Champion, Ben Simonds-Malamud




Extemporaneous Speaking: 4th Place, Isabel Olson; 3rd Place, Keegan Hasson; Champion, Ben Simonds-Malamud




Original Oratory: 5th Place, Ashley Carter; 2nd Place, Keegan Hasson




Varsity Policy Debate: 4th Place, Morgan Choi (MAVERICK) and 4th Place Speaker




Novice Policy Debate: Hannah Rakoski & Allie Schneider and 6th Place Speaker to Hannah Rakoski




Public Forum Debate: 



SPEAKER AWARDS-  10th Place, Riley Erickson; , 9th Place, Olivia Volkert; 7th Place, Salome Kakalashvili; 5th Place, Kathy Zakharova; , 3rd Place, Chloe Prendergast; 2nd Place, Harrison Wilco




PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE PLACEMENT- Quarterfinalists, Riley Erickson & Olivia Volkert; 2nd Place, Salome Kakalashvili & Katherine Zakharova; Champions, Harrison Wilco and Chloe Prendergast




Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 



SPEAKER AWARDS- 10th Place, Rayedean Sparks; 8th Place, Zoe Schnieder; 5th Place, Mary Claire Morris; 4th Place, Conor Downey; 3rd Place, Jamie Reid; 1st Place, Tiger Li.




LD DEBATE PLACEMENT- 3rd Place, Zoe Schneider; 2nd Place, Jamie Reid; Champion, Tiger Li.




On October 5th and 6th,  the Jesters, Grady HS's Speech and Debate Team, competed at the Sandra Silvers Invitational at Calhoun High School in Calhoun, Ga. Here are the results:



Hannah and Allie were the 3rd Place Team in Novice Policy



Overall Sweepstakes Winner- Debate



Overall Sweepstakes Winner- Speech



Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Co-Champions- Miles Ezeilo and Meredith Fossitt; Semi-Finalist, Gilbert Young



Public Forum Debate: Co-Champions- Noah Li & Todd Pengelly and Kyle Mulholland & Theodore Roper; Semi-finalists- Grady Jones & Sam Wilson



Extemporaneous Speaking: 2nd Place- Max Rabb; 4th Place- Molly Gray; 5th Place- Isabel Olson



Original Oratory: Champion- Ashley Carter; 3rd Place- Alex Cameli



Dramatic Interpretation: Champion- Chloe Citron; 2nd Place- Molly Looman



Humorous Interpretation: Champion- Tate Lancaster



Prose/Poetry: Champion- Ryan Switzer; 2nd Place- Ana Hutchins



Duo Interpretation: Champions- John Roorbach & Theodore Sifnaios




Additionally, the Policy Debate team of Sam Heller & Morgan Choi will compete in the final round against Westminster.




The Jesters competed at two different Speech and Debate Tournaments September 28th and 29th. Here are the results:




Chattahoochee HS Tournament results




Novice Policy: Hannah Rakoski and Allie Schneider, Octofinals



Varsity Policy: Sam Heller and Morgan Choi, Octofinals



Sixth Place Speaker:  Hannah Rakoski




North Hall HS Tournament results




Prose/Poetry: Ryan Switzer, 4th Place



Dramatic Interp: Molly Looman, 2nd Place



Extemporaneous Speaking: 5th Place, Max Rabb; 3rd Place, Keegan Hasson; 1st Place, Ben Simonds-Malamud



Impromptu Speaking: 6th Place, Max Rabb; 1st Place, Ben Simonds-Malamud



Original Oratory: 3rd Place, Keegan Hasson



Public Forum: 3rd Place, Salome Kakalashvili and Kathy Zahkarova; 1st Place, Olivia Volkert and Riley Erickson



Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 5th Place, Will Taft; 4th Place, Jamie Reid; 2nd Place, Tiger Li; 1st Place, Conor Downey



Speaker Awards: Public Forum- 6th Place, Riley Erickson; 5th Place, Olivia Volkert; 2nd Place, Salome Kakalashvili; 1st Place, Kathy Zahkarova. Lincoln-Douglas- 6th Place, Zoe Schneider; 5th Place, Will Taft; 3rd Place, Meredith Fossitt; 1st Place, Gilbert Young. Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate- 5th Place, Rayedean Sparks.




Overall Debate Sweepstakes Winner, Henry W. Grady HS




While part of our team attended the Griffin Bear Classic Speech and Debate Tournament September 7th and 8th, four very ambitious students, Sam Heller 12th grade, Penelope Realff, 11th grade, Morgan Choi, 10th grade, and Hannah Rakoski, 9th grade traveled to Winston-Salem, NC for the National Early Bird Debate Tournament in Winston-Salem, NC. They competed with several hundred students from across the nation in policy debate and acquitted themselves well.




On September 7th & 8th, twelve members of the Jesters Speech and Debate Team competed the Griffin HS Bear Classic Speech and Debate tournament. They had a stellar performance! Here are the results:



Quarterfinalist, LD Debate: Tiger Li



Quarterfinalist, LD Debate: Conor Downey



Finalist, LD Debate: Will Taft



5th Place Extemporaneous Speaking: Keegan Hasson



3rd Place Extemporaneous Speaking: Molly Gray



2nd Place Extemporaneous Speaking: Max Rabb



Champion in Extemporaneous Speaking: Ben Simonds-Malamud



3rd Place Humorous Interpretation: Tate Lancaster



2nd Place Prose/Poetry Interpretation: Ryan Switzer



3rd Place Dramatic Interpretation: Ryan Switzer



Champion in Dramatic Interpretation: Chloe Citron



5th Place Impromptu Speaking: Max Rabb



4th Place Impromptu Speaking: Molly Gray



2nd Place Impromptu Speaking: Keegan Hasson



Overall Individual Events Sweepstakes Champion: Henry W. Grady HS




Blue Key National Speech and Debate Invitational, University of Florida



1,500 students from 18 states



·         Top 32, Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Zoe Schneider



·         Top 16, Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Conor Downey



·         Top 8, Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Will Taft



·         Top 24, Dramatic Interpretation: Chloe Citron




Houston County HS "Bruce Rogers Classic" Speech and Debate Tournament



·         Policy Debate- Champions, Sam Heller and Morgan Choi



·         Public Forum Debate- Top 8, Harrison Wilco & Meredith Fossitt



·         Lincoln-Douglas Debate- Champion, Conor Downey; Finalist, Logan Mann



·         Extemporaneous Speaking- Champion, Molly Gray; 2nd Place, Ben Simonds-Malamud; 



·         Original Oratory- 3rd Place, Kyle Cobb



·         Dramatic Interp- 2nd Place, Chloe Citron; 4th Place, Anna Hutchinson



·         Humorous Interp- 3rd Place, Tate Lancaster



·         Duo Interp- 2nd Place, John Roorbach and Theodore Sifnaios 



·         Prose/Poetry- Champion, Ryan Switzer



·         Impromptu- Champion, Ben Simonds-Malamud; 2nd Place, Molly Gray; 3rd Place, Kyle Cobb







Congrats to Sam Heller and Morgan Choi for representing us so well at the University of Kentucky at one of the most competitive debate tournaments in the nation. The most competitive teams from all over the nation braved snow and ice to test themselves in a field of winners. 




George Mason University:  In a field of over 100 of the most competitive private, parochial and suburban schools, at the largest speech and debate invitational in the entire nation with over 3,200 entries, the Jesters placed 7th, the highest ranking ever achieved by Grady HS or any school in the history of Georgia high school speech and debate.



·         Ryan Switzer- quarter finalist in Dramatic Interpretation, semifinalist in Prose Interpretation



·         Ben Simonds-Malamud- semifinalist, Impromptu Speaking



·         Molly Gray- quarter finalist, Extemporaneous Speaking



·         Chloe Citron- semifinalist, Dramatic Interpretation



·         Molly Looman- semifinalist, Dramatic Interpretation






·         Salome Kakalashvili- top 60, Public Forum Debate



·         Kathy Zakharova- Top 60, Public Forum Debate



·         Harrison Wilco- Top 60, Public Forum Debate



·         Chloe Prendergast- Top 60, Public Forum Debate



·         Riley Erickson- Top 30, Public Forum Debate



·         Olivia Volkert- Top 30, Public Forum Debate



·         Tiger Li- Top 60, Lincoln-Douglas Debate



·         Zoe Schneider- Top 60, Lincoln-Douglas Debate



·         Conor Downey- Top 60, Lincoln Douglas Debate



·         Gilbert Young- Top 60, Lincoln Douglas Debate



·         Mario Herrera was named a George Mason University "Mason Mentor." The award is selected and awarded by the Director of Forensics at George Mason University, Dr. Peter Pober. It is awarded annually to 3-5 individuals from around the nation.




On February 7th and 8th, the Jesters competed at the Novice/JV State Tournaments at Lassiter HS. Here the results:




PLACINGS AT 1st/2nd Year State: 3rd in Extemp, Denis Goldsman; 2nd in Extemp, Gregory Federov; Quarterfinalists, novice LD, Grace Bridges, Mark Winokur: semifinalist, novice LD, Rayedean Sparks; semifinalists, novice PF, Bailey Damiani and Ely Peteet; 9th NPF speaker, Bailey D; Runners-up, JVPF, Harrison Wilco and Chloe Prendergast; 5th JVPF speaker, Chloe P; 3rd JVPF speaker, Harrison W; 3rd Place and Presiding Officer in the House, Sam Heller.












The team won more awards than any of the other 48 schools at the tournament.




On February 21st and 22nd, the Jesters participated in the qualifier to attend the National Speech and Debate Association National Speech and Debate Tournament. It is the largest high school academic competition in the world, and will occur in June in Overland Park, KS.




Here are the Jesters who qualified:




Riley Erickson and Olivia Volkert, Public Forum Debate



Harrison Wilco and Chloe Prendergast, Public Forum Debate



Tiger Li, Lincoln-Douglas Debate



Jamie Reid, Lincoln-Douglas Debate



Ben Simonds-Malamud, International Extemporaneous Speaking



Molly Gray, United States Extemporaneous Speaking



Keegan Hasson, United States Extemporaneous Speaking



Ashley Carter, Original Oratory



Damian Weaver, Humorous Interpretation



Molly Looman, Dramatic Interpretation



Carter Guensler and Robert Brown, Duo Interpretation




The alternates:




Kathy Zakharova and Salome Kakalashvili, Public Forum Debate



Conor Downey, Lincoln-Douglas Debate



Will Taft, Lincoln-Douglas Debate



Max Rabb, International Extemp



Keegan Hasson, Original Oratory



Ryan Switzer, Dramatic Interpretation




The Jesters won the Speech Sweepstakes Award and the Debate Sweepstakes Award!




The Grady High School Speech and Debate Team won the GFCA Varsity Speech and Debate State Championships March 7th and 8th at Stratford Academy in Macon, GA.




I am pleased to tell you that The Jesters made Grady HS proud! Here is the list of accomplishments the students earned:




Speech Sweepstakes Champions



Debate Sweepstakes Champions



OVERALL SWEEPSTAKES CHAMPIONS - This is the fifth year in a row the team has won the State Tournament.




Grady HS was also named "School of Excellence," having the most qualifiers from our region and breaking the state record of total number of state qualifiers (57 entries total).




Here is how we fared in specific events:




Policy Debate: Sam Heller and Morgan Choi, Quarterfinalists; 9th Place Speaker, Morgan Choi




Public Forum Debate: Salome Kakalashvili and Katherine Zakharova, 2nd Place; Harrison Wilco and Chloe Prendergast, Semifinalists; Olivia Volkert and Riley Erickson, Quarterfinalists; Harrison Wilco, 14th Speaker; Salome Kakalashvili, 8th Place Speaker; Riley Erickson, 2nd Place Speaker




Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Conor Downey, Semifinalist; Tiger Li, Semifinalist; Will Taft, Quarterfinalist; Gilbert Young, Quarterfinalist




Duo Interpretation: Carter Guensler and Robert Brown, 3rd Place




Humorous Interpretation: Damian Weaver, 2nd Place; Tate Lancaster, 4th Place




Dramatic Interpretation: CHLOE CITRON, CHAMPION; Ryan Switzer, 4th Place




Prose/Poetry: MOLLY LOOMAN, CHAMPION; Ryan Switzer, 2nd Place




Original Oratory: Keegan Hasson, 3rd Place




Impromptu Speaking: BEN SIMONDS-MALAMUD, CHAMPION; Carter Guensler, 2nd Place; Molly Gray, 3rd Place



Extemporaneous Speaking: BEN SIMONDS-MALAMUD, CHAMPION; Max Rabb, 2nd Place; Molly Gray, 4th Place; Keegan Hasson, 6th Place; Isabel Olson, 7th Place




On March 21st and 22nd, Morgan Choi and Hannah Rakoski competed in the Junior Varsity division of the Woodward Academy National Championship and reached our 'Sweet Sixteen' they were eliminated in the octo-finals by a team from Minnesota. For Hannah, competing as a freshman, at the very top level of Junior Varsity (typically sophomore) competition, this was a daunting and remarkable accomplishment. For Morgan to mentor and guide her at this level was challenging and generous. Please commend them both if you see them.




Law and Leadership



Students in the Law and Leadership Academy visited the Georgia Supreme Court to hear oral arguments.  The students had an opportunity to have one-on-one time with Justice Harold  Melton who shared a glimpse of how the court functions. We were acknowledged by the Supreme Court before arguments began and it was a boost to Grady when two additional acknowledgements were made. Justice Hines, a Grady graduate, proudly announced that he was a “scat back “ at Grady and the States Attorney, during oral argument, shared that the author of the subject legislation was a Rhode Scholar and Grady grad, to which Justice Hines chided, “A lot of smart people come from Grady.”



After oral arguments we had an opportunity to tour the State Capitol and observe a press interview where Governor Deal revealed a new State initiative for the production of jobs. We also met with Senator Mike Dugan in the Senate well where he spoke to the students on the legislative and page process then invited them to apply to act as pages for his office.



Grady Sports



Both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams advanced to the second round of the AAAA state tournament. 




On October 28, 2013, the cross-country teams competed in the Region 6AAAA cross country championship at Marist School: Allison Rapoport, Gracie Griffith, Grace Powers, Margo Stockdale, Iman Madyun, Avery Bufkin, Meredith Fossitt, Ella Nelson, Anna Braxton, Reilly Blum, Lia Pett, Caroline Bray, Emily Ng, Carter Guensler, Archie Kinnane, Hank Persons, Adrian D'Avanzo, William Chapman, Axel Olson, Drew Davis, Nick Pittman, Sonny Romeo, Max Dusenbury, Conrad Newton, Matthew Wood, Vernon Colton, Hunter Whitney, Ike Hammond.  Both the boys and girls teams placed second an qualified for the state meet. 




In just its second season fielding a girls’ team, APS Knights Girls water polo team have swum to third place in the Georgia High School Water Polo Association (GSHSWPA) State Championships. While Grady girls filled the majority of caps for the team, four girls from area schools – schools unable to field girls teams - were invited to join them. Three students came from Pace Academy while Greater Atlanta Christian School (GAC) referred one student. But make no mistake; this group was anything but disparate.  APS Knights Girls team member Ciara Sadaka (Pace Academy sophomore) received the 2013 Girls GHSWPA Defensive Player of the Year Award in recognition of an outstanding season.  Another three team members, Sloan Hodges (Grady sophomore), Jessica Hume (Grady sophomore) and Jessica Tolbert (GAC senior) were invited to play in the All Star Games held on Tuesday 15th October.



The following students competed in the first round of the State AAAA Volleyball Championship in Perry, GA:  Jadah Greenidge, Gabby Poux, Jewel Smith, Sydni Dunovant, Qri Montague, Grace Hawkins, Elizabeth Khayat, Sophia Carter, Alanne Story, Samantha Bowie, Caraway Oliver, Mackenzie Paller






The Grady Gauntlet Ultimate won their first ever national championship: Sebbi DiFrancesco, Riley Erickson, and Michael Dillard, along with alumni Joe Lavine, Chris Carson, Caleb Shorthouse, and Felix Jaffin.  Along with other top players from around Atlanta, our boys competed in Minnesota against the best players in the country, winning every game of the tournament but one during pool play.  Additionally, Gauntlet also had a number of players competing in the under-16 division.  Their team ended up 4th overall after starting with an 8th seed.  Please congratulate Mack Hodges, Kiran Potula, Noah Li, Brandon Kleber, Drew DiFrancesco, and John Roorbach!



Grady Knights Football:



8/30/13 v. Decatur:  7-6 LOSS



9/6/13 v. North Clayton:  35-6 WIN



9/13/13 v. Riverdale:  35-34 WIN



9/20/13 v. Lithonia:  25-14 WIN



10/4/13 v. Therrell:  42-0 WIN



10/11/13 v. Washington:  28-14 WIN



10/18/13 v. Banneker:  52-26 WIN



10/25/13 v. South Atlanta:  41-6 WIN



11/1/13 v. Carver:  28-7 LOSS



11/8/13 v. Lithonia:  25-22 WIN



11/15/13 v. Chestatee (playoffs):  41-13 LOSS




The Grady cross country team represented us well at the state meet.  Of 85 schools in AAAA, 32 qualified for the meet, and our boys finished 11th and the girls 7th.  These places were both higher than the pre-meet rankings, so we were pleased.  Full results at




The boys track team finished region runner-up in a tie with Banneker. The scores were: Marist 120, Grady/Banneker 112.



The team qualified for the sectionals/state qualifying meet next Saturday at Carrollton High School in the following events:



4x100 relay (Jamond Glass, Ronquavious Cullins, Jacquez Sloan and Marlon Character) 2nd, 100 meters (Jacquez Sloan 1st, Jamond Glass 2nd), 200 meters (Jacquez Sloan 3rd), 110 hurdles (Tavion Morris 4th) 300 hurdles (Ronquavious Cullins (2nd) 4x400 relay (same as 4x100 relay members) 4th, Pole Vault (Tavion Morris 3rd) High Jump (Caleb Crowley 1st, Felton Gray 2nd) Triple Jump (Felton Gray 2nd) Long Jump (Marlon Character 4th) and Discus (Ted Galanos, 3rd). 




Also scoring points for the boys were Drew Davis, 6th in the 800 and 1600, Sonny Romeo, 7th in the 3200 and 8th in the 1600, Ted Galanos, 8th in the shot put, Jamond Glass, 6th in the 200 and Tavion Morris, 6th in the 300 hurdles. Relay alternates are Tony Wilborn, Drew Davis, Tavion Morris and Jermaine Hosley.




The girls team finished 4th in region and qualified for sectionals in the following:



Shot Put (Nyla Woods, 1st,) Discus (Nyla Woods, 2nd), Triple Jump (Morgan Pass, 2nd, Vanderia Shackleford, 3rd), Pole Vault (Vanderia Shackleford 3rd) 300 hurdles (Dionna Riley, 3rd), 1600 (Iman Madyun, 4th). The 4x400 relay team of Melissa Brown, Iman Madyun, Dionna Riley and Jada Morgan finished 7th. Iman Madyun also finished 5th in the high jump, Dionna Riley finished 5th in the 100 meter hurdles and Reilly Blum finished 5th in the 3200.




Congratulations to Grady track athletes who qualified at the April 26th 4A Sectional meet at Carrollton High School for the state track meets:



Girls: Nyla Woods, shot put and discus and Dionna Riley, 300 hurdles




Boys: Felton Gray, high jump and triple jump, Caleb Crowley, high jump, Marlon Character, long jump, Ted Galanos, discus, Jacquez Sloan, 100 meters, Ronquavious Cullins, 300 hurdles, 4x100 meter relay-Jamond Glass, Jacquez Sloan, Marlon Character and Ronquavious Cullins, Alternates: Tavion Morris and Jermaine Hosley.




Congratulations to Nyla Woods for repeating as state champion in the shot put. She also finished 5th in the discus, and Dionna Riley finished 8th in the 300 hurdles. The girls finished 11th in the state with only two athletes participating in the meet




Water Pol  Grady water polo players Sloan Hodges, Jessie Hume and Catherine Hume participated in the Southeast zone Olympic Development Water Polo selection camp in Orlando and were chosen to play on Southeast Zone ODP team. The girls will travel with their team to the Regional tournament in California in March




The Grady Girls Swim Team made history defeating North Atlanta High School and winning the APS City Championships. This is a huge breakthrough for the girls swim team!  The Grady Boys finished second and the overall Girls and Boys swim team finished second to North Atlanta High School.




On February 7th and 8th, Grady swimmers Melissa Brown, Sally Cummings, Sloane Hodges, Jessi Hume, Catherine Hume, and Lia Pett represented Grady High School and APS swimming in the GHSA Georgia State Swimming and Diving competing in both individual and relay events at the Georgia Tech Olympic Pool.






Of particular note, Melissa Brown became the first Grady swimmer to qualify for the championship final in the 50 Freestyle.  She qualified 8th, but came back in the championship final to finish 7th.  Melissa recorded 12 points for Grady due to her performance.  This marks Grady’s first points at the state meet!




Congratulation to Lindsay  Van Beck for being selected for Georgia Team 1 for US Lacrosse Women’s National Tournament in Bel Air, MD over Memorial Day.  The girls are competing to represent their state and for nomination to the National U-19 Team




In addition, Lindsay has earned a spot on Team Southeast representing AL, GA, SC & TN at the Brine All-American National Lacrosse Classic June 30 – July 3rd  






Grady Faculty Accolades



Grady journalism teacher Dave Winter was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the best high school teachers in Georgia! Here's a snippet from the AJC post:



"If you believe in school spirit, then you might appreciate the teachers who help make school a place that kids want to be a part of and look back on afterward with warmth and appreciation for the channels of meaningful activity it provided to help them find their pathways in life. School activities like the student publications that Dave oversees at Grady High often provide the sort of positive social updraft that enables kids to feel a sense of belonging and purpose. That feeling of affiliation engages them with the institution of school beyond what simply attending a series of classes can allow for, and often leads them to engage with school in ways they might not otherwise care to do."



To see the full article, visit






Sergio Rodriguez, Grady’s orchestra director, performed with the Atlanti Virtuosi at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration . Guest speakers included Rosie Rios, United States Treasurer of the Obama Administration.




Mme Monye was invited by the College Board as a French Language and Culture Reader for the AP Exam. She has been annually invited as a reader since 2010.




Sergio Rodriguez:





Grady Graduate Accolades



After 5 days and 33 hours of tryouts, Isabelle Taft, Grady Class of 2013, made the Yale Debate Team.  I




Grady graduate Summer Frost is currently in Botswana serving as a member of the Peace Corp! Check out a blog about her experiences:






Grady graduate Briana Fullwood is interning with the Community Engagement and Audience Development department at WNYC-New York Public Radio.  Briana is studying Urban and Regional Studies at Cornell University.






Grady graduate Kelsi Eccles was named a McGill Fellow at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.  The fellows were selected by a faculty committee "for their strengths in academics, practical experience and leadership," said John F. Greenman, Carter Professor of Journalism, who chaired the committee.






Guests and Speakers:



US Senator Bernie Sanders spoke with students in Mr. Sartor’s classes on Friday October 18, 2013.




Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary, visited Grady on Wednesday, 10/23/13, during advisement to speak with our students about music, advocacy, and social change.  He also played a few tunes.  Mr. Yarrow now oversees an organization called Operation Respect.  Their mission is to assure each child and youth a respectful, safe and compassionate climate of learning where their academic, social and emotional development can take place free of bullying, ridicule and violence.