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Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School

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  • Greetings Jackson Faculty, Parents, and Stakeholders,


    If you know me, you know I don’t do excuses. As the building leader, I respect each of you enough to be transparent about our scheduling issues. I completely understand and empathize with any concerns, and I can assure you that I will work within my power to do everything possible to ensure it doesn’t happen again (at least not within the master).  I am very appreciative of your support, emails, and phone calls. Don’t say “No” if I call on you in February to help us in the course advisement process. Building the master schedule on the front end will be done very differently from this day forward!!!


    To correct issues for 2014-15, we solicited the help of Ms. M. Brown (the district scheduler), Mr. Guillion, and a school-based team of administrators, counselors, and teachers to work solely on this task from this past Wednesday through right now (Sunday) to correct the master schedule glitches, remove the issue that was causing schedules to disappear, and ensure student instructional needs are honored. Your students will receive corrected schedules Monday morning. If anything is wrong, please see your counselor immediately.

    Examples of Events That Cause Schedule Changes to be Necessary:


    1.    Each time a student makes a schedule change request that is not initially on their course requests, a change in the master schedule potentially occurs that increases or decreases the class size projected from the already scheduled course requests (such as a student scheduling for a regular class and changing to an honors class).

    2.    The projection is off. In our situation right now, we were projected to have over 200 FEWER students than we have. Our teaching allocation was based on a student population of 896, and we have 1098 (This is about 10 teachers off in the core).

    3.    We can’t have class sizes that exceed state maximum. All core classes must be under 35. During the first 10 days of school, some of our classes grew as high as 46 students.  Therefore, we have to change schedules to ensure this state max requirement is met as we add additional sections.

    4.    Increase in Special Education Student Population

    5.    Increase in Honors/Gifted Student Population (Specifically 9th and 10th Grade Pre-IB students)

    6.    More students enrolling than withdrawing who did not have schedule requests in our system and whose requests are not matching our withdrawing students.

    7.    The decision to add additional honors foreign language courses at Level 1 in Spanish and French.

    8.    The decision to keep Freshmen classes as pure as possible by removing repeaters from Freshmen courses as much as possible.

    9.    The decision to add additional electives such as credit recovery during the school day.

    10. A class does not make (not enough interest to meet state minimum guidelines). The class has to be dissolved and students placed elsewhere.

    11. Students fail courses in summer school and have to be placed back into those courses during the instructional day.


    Please be reminded that as our population grows, the needs of our master schedule increases. This causes the need for schedule changes in the initial leveling window. Student projection plays a huge role in correct scheduling at the beginning of each school year. Our district projected 896 students, and we currently have 1098 students on our roster. Therefore, in addition to schedule requests you made individually for your children to address their preferences, there is a need for schedules to change to address course additions, conflicts, and changes. At this time, we have added additional sections of honors courses, foreign language sections, and elective courses. Additionally, we have decreased our numbers in the once overflowing core classes. Upon arrival Monday morning, our students will find all class sections that were overcrowded last week will be smaller. Additionally, the issues in IB have been corrected. The schedules from Atlanta Metropolitan and Atlanta Technical are all in place.


    Our scheduling team has worked very diligently to ensure corrected schedules are ready for distribution during advisement Monday morning. We are hopeful this will end mass schedule changes for Maynard Jackson High School. If anything occurs (such as another surge in student population), I will make sure you receive communication immediately.


    But no worries, our teachers are teaching diligently everyday across every subject area, and your student will learn. We will keep you updated as we ensure a quality education for all students at Maynard Jackson High School.

    And please don’t hesitate to jump in and assist us as we navigate through the 2015-16 master schedule process if you have any ideas whatsoever to keep schedule changes from having to occur next school year.


    Assistant Principal Gautreaux is ensuring each child receives a textbook no later than next week for all classes that have an assigned textbook.  Each teacher is utilizing class sets of textbooks and text-based web resources to support instructional delivery until textbook distribution is complete. If you have any concerns regarding textbooks, please contact Ms. Gautreaux at (404) 802-5231 or She will eagerly respond.
     It’s time for our annual Extracurricular Fair at Maynard Jackson High School. The fair is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 22nd during third block. Students will have opportunities to complete interest forms for extracurricular activities and athletics. Our clubs, organizations, and athletics will follow up with separate interest meetings at Open House on August 27th. If you would like to serve as a booster or sponsor for an activity at Maynard H. Jackson, please inform the club sponsor or Athletic Director Reginald Curry.   
    ~Principal Stephanie Johnson 


    Class of 2015
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    MJHS Administrative Team
    Principal—Stephanie Johnson
    Assistant Principal—Melissa Gautreaux
    Assistant Principal—Donavin Murdock
    9th Grade Academy Leader – Adam Danser
    10th Grade Academy Leader – Roy Foster
    11th Grade Academy Leader – Sharonda Murrell
    12th Grade Academy Leader—Faya Paul

    2014-2015 MJHS  Guidance-Counseling Team

    Class of 2018 and Class of 2015 (H-L): Rebecca Ginsberg       (404)502-5207
    Class of 2017 and Class of 2015 (M-Z): Kenton Pope                (404) 802-5208
    Class of 2016 and Class of 2015 (A-G): Lola Azuana                    (404) 802-5209

    Graduation Coach– Arlena Edmonds
    Athletic Director: Reginald Curry

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