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 Principal Nelson  Message From the Desk of Principal Laryn Nelson

I am thrilled and privileged to serve as principal of Jean Childs Young Middle School and join the Mays cluster.  Since I grew up in Atlanta during the era of Mayor Andrew Young and First Lady Jean Childs Young, I am familiar with Mrs. Young’s passion for education.  Guided by the values of Mrs. Jean Childs Young, I consider it an honor to serve as the principal of the school named after a leader whose legacy was her commitment to children and a quality education.


My goal is to provide students with a rigorous curriculum and nurturing environment that supports optimal personal, academic and social development, while creating critical thinkers and problem solvers. I am committed to providing a safe and positive atmosphere where all students are celebrated, uplifted, and encouraged to succeed. As we work to make Jean Childs Young middle school a School of Choice in the district, your support and involvement is a vital part of the deliberate efforts towards your student’s accomplishments.


Middle school is an important time of transition – moving from the elementary school experience to preparing for the challenges of high school.  I am passionate about this critical time in a student’s development, as I have spent the majority of my twenty-two year career at the middle school level.  What happens in these three years will have a lasting impression on their development and growth.  My focus is to ensure that students and their success ultimately remain the Heart of the Matter.


I am looking forward to meeting and listening to all stakeholders from community leaders to the parents, but most of all, our students.  Developing positive and trusting relationships with students, staff, parents and the community is my mission.  So, please feel free to call, email me, or make an appointment to discuss your ideas or offer suggestions that will enhance Jean Childs Young Middle School. 

Greater is Coming!
 – Principal Laryn Nelson