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Message from Principal DeMarco Mitchell:

It is indeed an honor to be selected as Principal at Jean Childs Young Middle School.  As principal, I pledge to serve as a committed leader in our Southwest Atlanta Community.  As an academic community, we are excited to restore the legacy of educational excellence at Young.  We are dedicated to providing experiences as a pathway for college and career readiness in order to prepare our students to be restorative agents of the community.  Our doors are always open to ensure that we have a collaborative and comprehensive approach to educating and enhancing the lives of our students. 

As an involved leader, I ask that all stakeholders become even more active members in our school community. Parental/Communal involvement is a critical factor in our children’s success, so please contact the school if you are interested in volunteering in our Parent Center. There are a variety of ways to get involved during the school day and at evening events. More importantly, I ask you to emphasize that school is important and should be approached daily as such. We are requesting all stakeholders to emphasize to our children the importance of being respectful, adhering to rules and procedures, and completing class and homework assignments on a daily basis. Furthermore, we need our children to participate in tutorial programs, extracurricular activities and community service.  Our goal is for every member of the Wolf Pack community to take pride in what it means to be a part of Jean Childs Young Middle School.


Sincere regards,


DeMarco Mitchell, Principal

Jean Childs Young Middle School